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Erythromycin gastric resistant

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Hulaballoo Mon 27-Feb-17 10:28:26

Hi I've just been prescribed these to help with acne and read some mixed reviews online but think they were about the the non gastro resistant ones...I hope anyways. Has anyone used these without bad side effects? A little worried about taking them...

Wolpertinger Mon 27-Feb-17 11:33:54

It's variable whether they will bother you or not. TBH being gastro-resistant doesn't make a huge difference as if you are sensitive to it, it will give you diarrhoea.

However most people who post about stuff have had bad experiences they want to warn others about. I've had erythromycin and was fine with it, my mother wasn't. Only way to know is to try it smile If it doesn't suit, there are other options.

cheesecadet Mon 27-Feb-17 11:36:27

They made my stomach churn constantly and couldn't stop farting, other than that there were no other effects. The churning stomach drove me mad.

cheesecadet Mon 27-Feb-17 11:37:57

Sorry these weren't the gastric resistant ones.

Hulaballoo Mon 27-Feb-17 15:17:51

Thank you for your replies. 👍 I'll start them and see how they go, I really don't want to be sick. 😕fingers crossed.

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