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Any dentists around? Toothache following filling: back to Dentist or wait?

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SorrelSoup Sun 26-Feb-17 21:54:54

I had 2 fillings on 1st February. The bottom right wisdom was causing me pain for several days after. I returned to the dentist who extracted it as tooth was useless. I then developed dry socket. Horrendous. 10 days later all OK. Since stopping the painkillers the bottom left wisdom filling pain has come to light. I went back to the dentist on Wednesday where she said part of the filling had come away. She put a composite filling in. It's only a small filling. It's not deep. She said I would have sensitivity for a few weeks due to the tooth being bent over and more exposed. She said if it hurts don't worry I won't need root canal or extraction. It's only small.

Anyway, it does hurt and I'm taking painkillers all the time. Took some earlier and thought I'd put the sensitive toothpaste on that she gave me and it really increased the pain. Generally though the painkillers have worked over the weekend.

So do I hope back in the morning or ride it out? I've had enough now and it's giving me anxiety. Could it be from a different tooth entirely? The 2 next to it have fillings.

SorrelSoup Mon 27-Feb-17 06:38:01

The painkillers haven't worked all night. I'll be trying to get an appointment today.

TygerLilly Mon 27-Feb-17 09:44:32

I had a filling. When the pain killer wore off the pain intensified so bad I knew there was something wrong. Got an appointment 3 days later. I was climbing the walls. Turns out the dentist had drilled to deep and put the filling on top of my nerve. Had to have the tooth out there and then. sad

SorrelSoup Mon 27-Feb-17 10:27:32

Oh no!!!!! I would gladly have it out as it serves no purpose, but I've just got over dry socket and am likely to get it again. I'm going in this afternoon sad.

user1486047610 Mon 27-Feb-17 11:29:49

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