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hlc123 Sun 26-Feb-17 20:21:40

I am 34 and was diagnosed with adenomyosis almost 3 years ago. I have managed not to need any medication or treatment but the last few months I am really struggling to put up with the pain, bloatedness and heavy periods every month. I've been on the pill in the past and it hasn''t suited me (nausea, headaches, weight gain) so not sure hormonal treatments are my best option. Am reluctant to solve/reduce one problem but have other symptoms caused by side effects. Our family is complete, my husband had a vasectomy when our youngest child was 6 months old so I have been thinking of asking the GP about a hysterectomy but having never had any surgery the thought scares me. I would really appreciate hearing from others who have adenomyosis and any treatments that have worked for you. Thanks

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