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Sore red entrance to vagina :(

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zazzabeans Fri 24-Feb-17 19:00:53

Back in January, just before my period, I got it very itchy on inside of left vaginal lip, which seemed to calm down when my period came, now since that period, the entrance to vagina and the same place that was itchy is red and sore. Went to the gp who said she could see an area of redness which was about 1cm long inside of my vagina, swabs for bv and thrush were negative.
She said to use lubricant and prescribed some steroidal cream which I have been using. However they don't seem to be working. After sex I am very sore and can see its red on entrance to vagina.
Also this week 2 sore boil type lumps have appeared, 1 on each outer lip of vagina.
Im not due back at GPS untill 6th March .
Worth mentioning I have been with dh for years, haven't changed anything like detergent,bubble bath etc. Any idea to what it could be ?

Lazyjane76 Fri 24-Feb-17 19:10:05

Have read about Bartholins Cysts, I have them and sometimes they get infected and the swelling and pain is shocking. I have been hospitalised once and had to have it drained. Now I can usually manage with self-care, I can recognise the symptoms start taking regular hot baths, apply hot water bottles and .... sorry to be graphic.... encourage them to burst. I use steroid cream too. It may not be this but it's worth having a read.

zazzabeans Fri 24-Feb-17 19:14:28

Thanks for that, have read about them. I think they are boils. My main concern is the sore red vaginal entrance..

Lazyjane76 Fri 24-Feb-17 19:25:20

Zazza When I get infected, the pain spreads and the swelling is not only where the cysts are. Like I said it might not be this but I was misdiagnosed for months, I was told it was thrush, an STI, an allergy. I was crying in pain, I couldn't sit and could barely walk. Eventually I hobbled back to the doctors got undressed and she took one look and said 'oh dear' and sent me to A&E. Also have you tried changing your SanPro? I only use cotton now as there's so many chemicals in them and they make a flare up more likely.

zazzabeans Fri 24-Feb-17 19:29:34

The entrance to my vagina has been sore for 6 weeks, the boils only appeared this week, worried that it is pre cancer of vulva .
I will try and change sanitary products thanks smile

Lazyjane76 Fri 24-Feb-17 19:35:17

Try not to worry, I was the same - thought I was going mad. Do go back to the GP earlier if you can and also use a mirror to have a really good look yourself. See if applying heat helps, I've got one of those microwaveable hot wraps and I heat it up and sit on it!

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