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Fluid around chest

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user1484615313 Fri 24-Feb-17 01:00:05

I had an MRI done on my back a couple of weeks ago. I've had a really bad backnfor months now. I got a call from gp who said have some minor lower back issues. But found some fluid around my chest. Have to go in for a ultrasound of my chest now. But around the time of the MRI I was just getting over a horrible flu with a hacking cough. Not sure what to make of this. Anyone else had this before ? I've also had an X-ray of my chest a few days ago and they told me they couldn't find any fluid showing. So confused.

digerd Fri 24-Feb-17 19:34:00

In my area there is a ban on x-ray and MRI on the lower back and I was refused both 2 weeks ago on the grounds that these don't show much and just emit dangerous radiation, when I know MRIs work on magnets.hmm

I hurt my lower back in August last year and stlll had no improvement.

I had the flue in 2010 and a chest x-ray showed " a lesion which is a typical sign of a lung infection" I was told. 6 weeks later I had another x-ray and all was fine.
The only fluid I have had is round the heart called pericardial effusion discovered by an echocardiogram.

Perhaps the words Lesion and fluid are the same in medical terms.

maggiso Fri 24-Feb-17 22:16:17

I'm not a medical person, but I had fluid around my heart and lungs when recovering from pneumonia. It was not there 6 months later ( and I felt better -my lungs had cleared up too) I was told it was because I had been ill, and my body was trying to sort itself out. Perhaps the Flu caused similar? It must be confusing! They also talked about lesions on my lungs seen on CT scan - and when I asked what that meant the doctor explained that the scan picture had shadows on it but that the scan alone could not tell them what it was exactly. They needed other tests to get a better idea. I imagine some patterns or shading appearances are common in certain illnesses like flu- or if there is fluid?
Can your GP explain it to you when you next go?
I hope you are feeling better.

user1484615313 Fri 24-Feb-17 23:26:17

digerd. That's unusual. Why would they refuse you if it's the only way to diagnose certain conditions. The gp who called me up sounded so worried and started asking me if I've been coughing at all. I said at the time I had.but now it's gone. So she sent me off for an ultrasound to check where the fluid is.
My gp has got so bad they're asking the secretaries to explain medical documents to the patients.
Thanks for the feedback

digerd Sat 25-Feb-17 20:42:15

I had heard that the NHS were stopping giving x-rays and MRI scans for lower back pain as the results are often very unclear and not worth it - not cost effective, I suppose.
For the first time in 20 years I was unable to get an appt. with my lovely GP as he was fully booked for the next 2 weeks and then goes away on holiday, I was told by the receptionists.
I was booked in to see another dr who was very off hand with me and said all she could do was put me on a waiting list to see a physio without any scans or diagnosis of the problem confused.
It is Sciatica I believe which can be impossible to cure.

user1484615313 Sun 26-Feb-17 10:56:14

Maybe if it's just a back pain with no oher symptoms then they wouldn't do a scan. But I had numbness in my legs and bladde issues. Which made it worrying. Thats why maybe a scan was offered.

digerd Sun 26-Feb-17 21:26:45

Since August every morning I am in agony with shooting pains down my buttocks and hamstrings. Recently pain has moved round to the front of my thighs and walking has become very painful later in the day.
I can no longer get up from kneeling or crouching as my muscles have become too weak.
My legs seize up while walking short distances and the muscles refuse to work until I have stood there and and done the hippy hippy shake for a while. I also lose my balance many times.
I think I look as if I am drunk outside as can't walk in a straight linegrin
.Our receptionists have always told us results over the phone if all is OK with tests. If anything has been wrong which needs a prescription the receptionist has phoned to tell me to collect it at the chemist next door.

. Hope your legs and bladder issues have gone now

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