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Colposcopy should I change health provider??

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LunaNightSky Thu 23-Feb-17 18:28:36

Hi all
I just wanted to post as I'm so frustrated with my hospital. I won't them them though... I'm sorry it's long but need to advise the background.
I've been seen in a Colp clinic for the past three years as my first smear came back with CIN1. I had biopsies taken ect and then cold coag after two further smears as it was not clearing.
I have been back a further two times for smears and it has been the same and there has been some erosion on the top of the cervix.
I emailed to complain after one of the smears as the nurse was really rough with the speculum and the cotton bus they use to remove the cells and I bled for five days afterwards and was extremely sore. I received a response from the colp nurse that this had never been the case before and they apologised which I appreciated.
Last Summer I attended again and I think as I complained they put me with a consultant who advised she would like to treat me again as the CIN was still not clearing and the cervix was delicate from the erosion which I agreed to. When I attended the unit for the treatment however, the consultant was on call at an emergency. This was fine but when the colp nurse who dealt with my complaint previously called me through she advised she shouldn't be doing another treatment in her opinion and they would call me back in Feb 2017.
In the mean time I had to see a Gynaecologist at another hospital due to repeated UTI's, they did a urine test and they said that the lab had found CIN cells in my urine and should be followed. They gave me a print out to provide to colp, which I did the same day as I had an appointment at that hospital in the pm and they advised they would put it in my notes for Feb.
I've had no follow up through and I have contacted them this morning to see whats going on. They have advised there is no appointment booked for me and they will have to re-request my notes to see what they had written at my last appointment as no proforma was ever passed on from the last clinic to book anything.
Really coming to the end of my tether with them, I worry it will progress and just feel fobbed off..

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