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Chest pain with stomach ache? And other heat worries

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Bookaboo Thu 23-Feb-17 09:41:44

I've been experiencing different kinds of chest pain for around the past year now.
My brief history is that I've had PVCs and other rhythm irregularities with varying degrees of severity for the past 8 years. I've seen a cardiologist about this before and at my last couple of appointments also mentioned the chest pains, which I'd felt we're in my heart area.
The cardiologist didn't seem concerned as what I was experiencing wasnt consistent with angina type symptoms. (Although she did say that it might be pain from my heart twisting??)
Anyhow I've had a bit of stomach ache the last few days. This morning I had a stomach cramp which also felt like it caused pain around my left breast area. It was just brief but it worried me. As anyone had anything similar?
At other times I get sharp pains in different places around the left chest area.
I'm mid 30s, have never smoked, don't drink much, eat healthily and not overweight.

I've spoken to the GP about how much it worries me, but he basically said they're not going to waste their time investigating this when they don't suspect it is cardiac related.

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