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Mini pill and diarrhoea

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Chattycat78 Thu 23-Feb-17 08:39:58

So I'm taking cerelle (12 hr mini pill). I've also had mild diarrhoea - lasted about 4 days in total, ending Tuesday. I had sex last night and it didn't occur to me to worry until now.

I looked at the NHS website and it says "severe" diarrhoea can affect the pill - it cites 6/8 episodes in 24 hours as severe which isn't what I've had. Prob 3 episodes in one day when it was at it's worst. Other times once or twice a day.

Do I need to rush off for MAP? I'd rather not unless totally essential.

I'm also breastfeeding- 8 months post partum so I'm hoping I'm not ovulating yet anyway, even if the pill didn't work.

I absolutely don't want to be pregnant again.

In hindsight I should have used a condom perhaps, but I've got so much on my mind I didn't think of it.


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