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lung physio tomorrow

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AwaywiththePixies27 Wed 22-Feb-17 12:00:16

I posted a while ago about the rigmarole I was being put through with my asthma. The last time I was admitted. I was brought in by paramedics at 5/6am and was duly sent home a few hours later just to end being readmitted by the community respiratory nurse and kept in for even longer, because quelle surprise, I was still ill. I've managed to stay out of hospital since and had several chest infections since but no response to the consultant I was supposed to be referred to, the GP even wrote to them to ask what happened. I do however have lung physio tomorrow and I just wanted to ask what sorts of things they do there. I have a chest infection at the minute, I'm not even sure if it is just my asthma again, wheezing on and off but not continuously and inhalers are holding it at bay, breathless quickly, horrible chesty cough, bringing up phlegm, bizarrely the left side of my throat hurts when I swallow and so does my ear at the same time, again only the left though, my right side is fine confused I don't want to put myself through any more physical exertion ar this point which could render me being readmitted, (to those who remember, I had a terrible time of it until those who didn't believe me were the same ones that ended up going into panic stations) at the same time, this is the earliest appointment they've had and I've already been waiting four months for it, and in all honestly I'm desperate for someone to see sense and insist on referral to this ever elusive consultant. (GP is fabulous but she's currently off on AL).

Also, I know not most physios are like this, but I'd like tips on how to be assertive with the staff without coming across like an arse. I'm saying this because the last physio who said I could go home one time, was wrong, and I ended up spending another five days in hospital. I also might not be polite too the next time someone just goes "are you sure you're not just being anxious?".

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