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Microscopic blood and protein in urine - no other symptoms?

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BeeHobz Wed 22-Feb-17 10:00:51

Hello Mumsnetters,

I was hoping to get some reassurance from anyone who has been in the same situation as me...

Just got back from the Drs where he did a routine urine test. It showed microscopic blood and protein on the dipstick.

I got the same result at my smear test a few months ago too.

I've never had cystitis, or any STIs. I have ZERO other symptoms - no pain when peeing, no cramp, no abdominal pain. I haven't been unwell, and as far as I can tell, I'm in perfect health.

I remember a few years ago, when I had a urine test in hospital after I had a panic attack that there was microscopic blood in my test then too.

The Dr is sending my test off for a UTI check, but he said he expects it to come back normal - in which case, he'll be sending me for a kidney scan.

I am so worried - but could this just be 'one of those things'? If I've lived with it for so long, surely it can't be anything serious??

If you have been in the same situation, I'd really appreciate knowing your outcome.

Thank you. xxx

Tanfastic Wed 22-Feb-17 11:50:08

Yes I have. If you search the archives my threads about this will come up.

I really would try not to worry. How old are you?

I saw a urologist privately because I would have waited months if not. I was worried about bladder cancer. He told me that the chances of me having anything sinister with my history (age, non smoker never worked with chemicals) was about 1%. He did refer me for a kidney scan and a cystoscopy to be on the safe side though. They were both clear. The consultant who did my cystoscopy told me that out of 20 people with microscopic blood in their urine he only ever finds a reason for 1 person. The rest are just "one of those things"

I rarely think about it now but I so believe I still have micro blood in my wee.

I hope that puts your mind at rest.

BeeHobz Wed 22-Feb-17 12:05:54

Thank you Tanfastic (great name btw)

I'm 32, and in perfect health. My friend who is a GP said that if you took a random number of people off the street and did the same test, they'd have the same result.

Your comment has helped put my mind at rest, thanks. I suppose I should be reassured that my GP is doing tests to make sure i'm ok.

Glad to hear you are ok too. x

Tanfastic Wed 22-Feb-17 14:21:47

Yes get the tests because you'll only worry if you don't then you can put it behind you.

I worried myself stupid over it, had my bloody grave dug the lot!

But yea it does appear there are lots of us that have this blood for no reason.

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