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Need pointers please

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bellalurgy Wed 22-Feb-17 00:15:14

Was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what's happening (if anything) and how I can get my gp to take me seriously. I'm fed up with being palmed off with more painkillers! For background, I've had cancer twice and have been left with peripheral neuropathy. I'm sure the way I am now isn't connected unless the treatment has triggered something. Anyway, here goes;

I already had eczema, asthma and dermatitis and these are still more or less under control.

In the last year I've developed tinnitus (constant not intermitting)
Dry eye's (possibly blepharitis) So dry my eyelids stick to my eyeballs!
Roseacea (self diagnosed)
GERD - got to the stage where food couldn't get down
Hypertension (still not controlled)
I have also lost the ability to know when I need to empty my bladder

To be fair, the gp did investigate this but a scan showed the bulging discs but no trapped nerves.

In addition I have arthritis in my shoulder and neck and bulging discs in my lower back. Also burning pain across my shoulders and hips and fatigue.

The gp has prescribed omaprezole for GERD which I take but there's been no investigations and no plan about when if ever to stop.

Painkillers for pain, hylo forte for my eyes, amytriptaline for pain, ramipril for blood pressure, tablets for sleep.

My concern is there are a lot of issues being medicated as separate things and I'm worried that something's being missed. No one has time to look at the bigger picture (if there is one).

Does anyone have any idea's. Not looking for medical advice obviously just wondering if anyone's had the same sort of symptoms develop over time.

MichaelSheensNextDW Wed 22-Feb-17 08:38:24

Tinnitus, peripheral neuropathy, burning pain and fatigue can be caused by anaemia. You'd need ferritin and folate to be tested.
I would also want B12, Vit D and thyroid levels checked as deficiency in any of these will cause a range of symptoms.
Given the multiple allergy signs, peripheral neuropathy plus GERD I would ask to be tested for coeliac antibodies.
Even if you don't have coeliac, having GERD plus antacid treatment will put you at high risk of malabsorption issues leading to deficiencies in the essential nutrients mentioned above.
What's next re investigating your bladder problem? Have you been referred to a urologist? If not, why not?

bellalurgy Wed 22-Feb-17 09:52:30

Thanks for your help. Yes, this is what concerns me, malabsorption over time will just exacerbate problems.

I take a steroid inhaler and have steroid cream if needed. I also have steroids when I get chest infections.

I'm post cancer treatment and post menopause so I really don't know how I'm supposed to 'be' but all this just doesn't feel right.

I take a high quality vitamin and mineral every day and also omega 3 for my joints.

No, there's no follow up about my bladder. Before the scan I was told if they don't find anything she would possibly refer me to a neurologist. Instead it seems as the problem wasn't what she thought she's said I'd have to live with it. I'm 55 so hardly past it! It's not that I leak or anything, I just don't get a signal when to go. So if I don't remember to visit the loo regularly I get bad stomach ache, presumably from a full bladder.

To me this is a neurology issue but I'm also worried about auto immune issues.

So as a first step I should insist on having my bloods done?

Any other ideas?

MichaelSheensNextDW Wed 22-Feb-17 11:22:39

I'd definitely put forward what you've said - that you're concerned that there are a lot of issues being medicated (with limited success) and you're worried that something overarching causing lots of signs and symptoms is being missed.

Personally I wouldn't be seeing that GP again. I myself had a terrible year seeing a GP with the same approach; it was only when a gave up and saw a different one that I was immediately referred to appropriate people and given the right blood tests (was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome - as an ex nurse I knew it didn't explain half of my symptoms; I was quickly diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, coeliac disease and very deficient in B12, folate, ferritin and vit D). It's hard to stand up for yourself when you're suffering with so many issues but keep going star

There are cases where an initial diagnosis of MS or dementia has actually turned out to be severe B12 deficiency; the impact of these substances on the nervous system are profound.

I'm at a loss to understand why they haven't referred to an appropriate consultant for more investigation of your bladder dysfunction. I just re-read your OP and realised I missed where you said you have bulging discs in your lower back - urinary symptoms with this could indicate a developing cauda equina. If you read up on this and feel it relates to you, the standard advice is to go to A&E (or get a GP direct referral there so you are expected). I'm sure this is very unlikely but as I say, if you feel it may apply do not delay in getting assessed properly.

If they attribute any symptom to your previous cancer or treatment, or your age, get them to comprehensively justify that so that you can trust you're not being fobbed off.

MichaelSheensNextDW Wed 22-Feb-17 11:25:04

sorry that was an essay blush

Just wanted to add, when you get bloods done, ask for a printout for yourself so you can check the results against the lab reference ranges, and against what is recognised as optimum. I know there are some posters here who are really well informed about this and would advise you if you post results.

bellalurgy Wed 22-Feb-17 17:03:20

Thank you so much for your help, really useful.

I think the gp was initially concerned about cauda equinna and that's why she sent me for a scan. The results came back as bulging not herniated discs and although the nerves were extremely close to being trapped they aren't. Probably also explains why I get periods of sciatica. The other thing I get is patches of burning areas on my legs. I assume that's a nerve thing too but no one seems overly concerned.

She also tried telling me that it was because of chemotherapy despite me reiterating that chemo finished 2 years ago and these symptoms started about a year ago. Anyway, I went back to the clinic and they've agreed to write and confirm that the only problem remaining from treatment is peripheral neuropathy. So that's something.

I'll try getting an appointment and write down everything - that might help.

Thanks again

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