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Himalayan salt sol

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Wobbliebits Tue 21-Feb-17 22:30:06

Hi, first time poster here...
I am curious to know if anyone here has tried or currently takes a teaspoon of Himalayan salt sol each day? And if so has it made a difference to them?
To cut a long story short I ended up with a big bag of the stuff, after googling how to use it I've been taking it for a few days and have not noticed a difference yet, maybe it's too soon.
Thank you for reading would love to hear any thoughts you have on it.


MarasmeAbsolu Tue 21-Feb-17 22:31:04

a teaspoon of salt a day? hmm

LegoCaltrops Tue 21-Feb-17 22:33:23

Why would you deliberately take salt? We use the (pink) Himalayan salt in our house as a culinary salt, but that's it...

Wobbliebits Tue 21-Feb-17 22:36:38

It's not just a teaspoon of salt, you dissolve the Himalayan salt in water so it is very concentrated, tastes vile 😝, and take a teaspoon each morning. You can't mix it with more water if you wish. It's supposed to have many many health benefits but I'm starting to wonder

Wobbliebits Tue 21-Feb-17 22:37:05

Can mix it with more water I mean

Maverickismywingman Tue 21-Feb-17 22:38:46

What health benefits is it supposed to have?

I thought salt was salt. confused

Wobbliebits Tue 21-Feb-17 22:42:58

It's full of minerals and supposed to help with digestion, blood pressure, fatigue, skin issues and other things I can't remember the full list.
I've not noticed any of these things so was wondering if it's a load of old cobblers or should I give it abit longer.

Maverickismywingman Tue 21-Feb-17 22:44:56

I've just done a quick search, and it does say don't have too much or any "benefits" will be undone by high sodium levels.

I might be more likely to have it in the bath, than drink it personally. Or maybe just get a vitamins and minerals tablet. Might be more palatable

Chippednailvarnishing Tue 21-Feb-17 22:46:24

It's great for chips.

Arcadia Wed 22-Feb-17 08:27:09

Sounds like rubbish, sorry, one of my fb friends is marketing salt water as a miracle cure for every ill. There are some strange fads around at the moment.

Wobbliebits Thu 23-Feb-17 08:13:05

Thank you everyone, that has opened my eyes
I've done it bit more digging on the internet and it does sound dubious. Think I will give it up.... anyone want to buy a bag of Himalayan salt 😜

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