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Fore arm pain

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als30 Mon 20-Feb-17 23:13:41

Looking for advice
Partner had a accident several year's ago had glass in his forearm accident with a glass door was told he was lucky to be here as it just missed main arterie (this happend all before i met him)
Had 2 operations to fix it but 8 month later and now the pain is really bad arm and hand swell up plus goes cold and purple now on tramadol to help with pain
Any advice on what it may be
Also been back and forth to hospital and docs nothing

clairethewitch70 Mon 20-Feb-17 23:15:53

Not a doctor but maybe reflex sympathetic dystrophy? See a doctor.

als30 Mon 20-Feb-17 23:19:32

Has been back and forward was admitted to hospital just before new year as pain was severe but let out next day etc waiting on surgeon again for another opinion

clairethewitch70 Mon 20-Feb-17 23:22:26

Here is a link about reflex sympathetic dystrophy

als30 Mon 20-Feb-17 23:30:43

Thanks for that ill pass that on sounds similar

clairethewitch70 Mon 20-Feb-17 23:31:50

Hope you get some answers. flowers

als30 Mon 20-Feb-17 23:45:23

Hope so too least we can ask if its that

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