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Arm pain-does this sound like a trapped nerve?

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Bombaypotatoes Mon 20-Feb-17 17:31:46

Numbness and tingling in my left arm. Been on and off since Christmas. Usually bearable but today it's been happening every time I raise my arm or type on my keyboard.
Does it sound like a trapped nerve? And is that something I should go to the GP for? It's a nightmare getting an appointment so if possible I'd like to avoid it.

AndHoldTheBun Mon 20-Feb-17 17:38:31

Where is the pain and tingling exactly? Do you wake up with a numb arm, or numb fingers (pinkie and the one next to it) with a strip of numbness from fingers up to the elbow?

SaltandPepperRibs Mon 20-Feb-17 17:40:09

Yes it could be (I'm not a doctor, but I work in pain management). You need to get it checked out I'm afraid.

If you can afford it I'd recommend seeing a physio who will be able to assess the issue and recommend some safe exercises that could help. Pay particular attention to your posture too.

Bombaypotatoes Mon 20-Feb-17 17:51:18

It starts at my elbow and the tingling goes down in a strip almost to my hand. The whole hand feels numb and has a dull achy feeling. Then my pinky and thumb are the worst. Usually comes and goes so it's not always there when I wake up but sometimes is.
I could try a physio. I assume I can google a local one and just call them up and book an appointment?

bilbodog Mon 20-Feb-17 18:27:26

Ive had a similar experience with both arms since last november. It stems from my neck - ive seen a physio and also had neck and shoulder massages and been given exercises. It is slowly getting better.

As its your left arm i think you should get checked out by dr on an emergency appointment as it could be signs of a stroke - probably not but needs to be ruled out. Might also be carpal tunnel.

If its a trapped nerve could take a while to get better - but at least its not serious. Hope you gst it sorted.

Neverthelessshepersisted Mon 20-Feb-17 18:32:18

GP appt to rule out anything systemic/serious. A reputable physio/osteopath will want to know if you're arranging to see your GP.

I have also had similar in both arms stemming, like bilbodog, from the back of the neck.

It seems that a lot of hand/wrist problems are either back/neck/shoulder problems in disguise OR require good back/neck/shoulder posture before they can get better.

Osteopaths are better than physios at massage and manipulation
Physios are better than Osteos at prescribing exercises.

But ultimately you're probably heading for a lifetime of Pilates classes like the rest of us....

AndHoldTheBun Mon 20-Feb-17 18:40:01

Ok, it sounds like mine (it was from the neck), I'd suggest seeing your GP about it. What sorted mine out was getting rid of the second pillow on my bed and using a really flat one. It took a bit of getting used to tho smile

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