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36 weeks Chicken Pox at DC's nursery

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Butterpuff Mon 20-Feb-17 10:29:45

Just wondering if anyone had any advice. I will be calling the screening midwives at my local hospital later but they are only open to calls in the afternoon.

I'm 36+ 2 weeks and booked for a C-section 2 weeks today. Reason for C-section is that our baby has a heart defect that will require open heart surgery in the first two weeks of life.

Today we took DC into nursery to find out that they have chicken pox in one of the rooms and she was in that room last Wednesday and may have been exposed. So far she is showing no symptoms but I know it can have a long incubation period. We have taken her out of nursery as a precaution but I am now concerned. I think I had chicken pox as a child but am worried that any sign of infection may delay either our section or babies operation.

Any knowledge would be appreciated before I can get through to the midwives this afternoon.


Duckyneedsaclean Mon 20-Feb-17 10:33:55

I think the maximum incubation is 3 weeks, so she'll probably have it by the time of your section, if she's caught it.

If you had it as a child you should be immune, so don't worry. Presumably baby will be staying in hospital? I guess you'll just have to keep toddler away until definitely clear?

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