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Talk to me about Mole Mapping, please.

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IllMetByMoonlight Mon 20-Feb-17 09:55:12

I am pretty much covered in 100s of moles of various shapes and sizes and colours on a fairly pale skin. I always have had a lot of moles and have had a handful removed in my twenties when I lived in another EU country where skin cancer prevention seems to have a greater element of surgical intervention on a "just in case" basis and check-ups include a general looking over.
However, these days I just can't bring myself to ask my GP to check any suspicious moles, having brought a few to their attention over the years following changes in appearance, only to come away feeling like such a time waster, when luckily the moles have seemed to be alright. I have them everywhere, and I find it hard to keep an eye on suspicious looking ones, let alone ones that are changing.
I am thinking of getting into an annual mole mapping thing, but am wondering about the cost. The consultation is pricy as it is, but the cost of subsequent investigation / analysis and removal are positively eye watering (knocking on £500-600 for a "whole package" where I live).
Does anyone have regular mole mapping, what is your experience of it, and do you know whether it is possible to say, in a worst case scenario, "Thank you very much for the information, mole mapping nurse, I will take this worrying result back to my GP and request a referral for removal on the NHS" ?

DrE678 Mon 20-Feb-17 09:57:48

I've not had mole mapping but you can absolutely take the results to the NHS. Suspected cancer would be treated under the two week referral rules.

IllMetByMoonlight Mon 20-Feb-17 12:07:30

Thank you, DrE, that is helpful!

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