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Swollen and red inside nose

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BurnTheBlackSuit Sun 19-Feb-17 16:33:46


I know I probably should see the GP about this, but in the meantime:

Inside my nose up one nostril is is very red and swollen looking. It seems to be the middle bit (septum I think) that is swollen and only up one nostril. It doesn't hurt, even if I poke it, but does feel delicate after I have poked it. The swollen bit starts a good cm or to up my nose. It has been there for a while - at least a month or so, if not more.

Background: I have perennial and allergic rhinitis, hay-fever, asthma etc. About 15 yrs ago I had nasal polyps removed. I went back to the GP about 5 years ago because it felt like they had come back. They and the speciaists checked me out and sent me away telling me there was nothing they could do and it was all in my mind (hence reluctant to go back now).

I had tonsillitis from hell followed by the worst sinusitis ever around November time, but didn't go to GP, so wasn't checked out and no antibiotics- I don't know if this is connected. Only nasal injury was when my son accidentally head butted me in the nose standing up when I was bending down, but although this was painful, I didn't have a nosebleed or swelling or anything like that.

My nose is continuously dripping and running and this has got worse recently and I don't necessarily notice the discharge until it about to drip out my nose as if I've lost sensitivity up my nose. When I sneeze sometimes it really hurts my nose/face/throat. Sometimes when I shower, water seems to go into my ear and then into my nose and it burns.

I don't think there is anything else connected.

Anyone got any ideas?

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