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Right couple of queries...Ds and need to constantly wee but nothing, DD1 throwing up in night but fine in day..sooo

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Nemo2007 Thu 01-Mar-07 10:29:50

in regards to ds past 3 nights he has been restless resulting in last night him feeling like he needed to wee constantly. When he went nothing was coming out but he was soo upset. Is it likely to be a water infection if he is ok in the day?Do I take him to walk in?

DD1 threw up couple of times on tues/wed night but wsa fine yesterday eating and drinking as usual. Last night fine in bed until 6am when she threw up again. Should I cut out her milk/food or do I carry on as normal as she wants her normal stuff

Nemo2007 Thu 01-Mar-07 10:55:52


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