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Lump in armpit

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docpeppa Fri 17-Feb-17 22:16:04

I found a small lump in my armpit about two months ago, Dr couldn't feel anything and said come back if it gets bigger. It has gotten bigger (feels like a round ball) so I went today and he could feel it this time, he said it seems to be a lymph node. Have been referred for an ultrasound. Has anyone else experienced similar and what did it turn out to be, I'm hoping it's just because I'm pregnant and it is a hormone thing.

Furrythings Sat 18-Feb-17 00:17:51

I've had a lump in each armpit for 30 years. I think they came up when I had glandular fever. There can be many reasons for having them so try not to worry too much.

docpeppa Sat 18-Feb-17 11:18:40

Thanks, I think it is probably nothing. Never had anything like this before

CactusFred Sat 18-Feb-17 11:23:40

Sounds like a cyst.

Had one for ages and it didn't grow but has suddenly become huge and started to weep so am having it removed next week.

Removal is being done at GP surgery by my GP under a local. 30min appointment. They will send it off to the lab just to confirm but say nothing to worry about.

If yours starts to bother you, if it is cyst, then easy to sort out. Mine had started to throb!

Don't worry smile

docpeppa Sun 19-Mar-17 09:53:46

Not replied to this for a while, have had a scan and waiting on results. The lump has gone bigger and feels harder, maybe it is just an infection. Pregnancy hormones are making me think all kinds of crazy things though.

CactusFred Sun 19-Mar-17 10:15:43

Keep us posted. Hopefully it's nothing serious for you

docpeppa Sun 19-Mar-17 11:05:28

Thanks cactus

docpeppa Sat 01-Apr-17 10:33:09

Had the scan on my armpit and my Dr told me that limpnodes are irritated from shaving, recommended I didn't shave for a while and to change my razors. I didn't shave for 2 weeks but no change in lump.
Yesterday I noticed a red lump on my breast, it is painless. So i went to the walk in centre this morning and I have been referred to the breast clinic, Dr said it is not an infection. Just got to wait for them to get in touch with me.
I am 29 weeks pregnant and really panicking now, I'm hoping for someone with a similar experience and it turned out to be nothing....

Ellapaella Thu 06-Apr-17 02:36:39

So they've scanned the lump in your armpit and told you it's nothing serious? So that should make you feel a little reassured.
I've been to the breast clinic twice during pregnancy with breast lumps - both turned out to be blocked milk ducts/cysts, had them drained and all was well. Good luck at the clinic, try not to worry too much x

highinthesky Thu 06-Apr-17 02:43:51

Has the clinic been in touch with an appointment yet?

Please don't panic.

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