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Anyone with varicose veins or anyone who has had experience of DVT?

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foxinsocks Wed 28-Feb-07 21:51:57

I've had an ache in my calf for a while now (also had it when I was pregnant, years ago). When I went to the doctor when I was pregnant (so 6/7 years ago and I travelled a lot while pregnant so DVT was a concern), he said because there was no swelling or redness, it probably wasn't a clot and that was that.

Now I'm on HRT and there is a higher risk of blood clots with that BUT there's still no swelling and it's not red but it is quite painful and I have noticed some quite large, blue veins in my calf (I'm quite pale and have roadmap veins anyway).

Does this sound more like varicose veins developing?

I'm not going to go to the doctors (they will just send me packing) so I was wondering if anyone else had had something like this.

fortyplus Wed 28-Feb-07 21:59:27

It sounds like it to me - I've got one a bit like you describe and a friend who is a district nurse says it will probably turn into a varicose vein one day.

I really wouldn't worry about it - they are only a problem if they are painful and you can have them 'stripped' which sounds gruesome but I know 3 people who've had it done in the past few years and they all said it was a piece of cake.

foxinsocks Wed 28-Feb-07 22:04:51

oh good, that's reassuring thank you.

it's the sort of thing that plays on my mind because I can't tell what's going on (iyswim)!

fortyplus Wed 28-Feb-07 22:07:48

The best thing if you're at all worried is get it checked out when you're at the doctor's for something else.

foxinsocks Wed 28-Feb-07 22:16:36

yes, I'll do that - I'll be seeing the gynae again in a few months time so I'll ask him when I see him. Thanks for your help.

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