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Who's got pregnant after your dh's had a vasectomy? (and the baby was your dh's!)

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Moomin Wed 28-Feb-07 21:32:03

Just wondering.

ScoobyDooooo Wed 28-Feb-07 21:35:17

My cousins dp had a vasectomy with his ex wife then had it reversed when he met my cousin, they tried for a couple of years & could not get pregnant so she they had IVF & fell with twins but sadly lost them at 18.5 weeks, they ar however going to continue to try in about june.

I am sure there are sucess stories around...

NotanOtter Wed 28-Feb-07 21:37:33

i know people pg after a vas reversal and one woman pg becasue they did not wait for the 'all clear'

Moomin Wed 28-Feb-07 22:00:01

Not really after 'success' stories as such - we're in the same category as the last woman NotanOtter just mentioned. Think will be ok but just a <teeny> bit worried... period due this weekend so we'll see.

Eowyn Wed 28-Feb-07 22:04:21

Hi, my dh has just received "all clear" but the letter also stated that it could reverse itself at any time so he might want to be tested for years to come.
Considering that you only have it done if you definitely don't want children, I didn't find it very reassuring. Assume it is just to cover themselves tho...

Have not yet had contraceptive-free sex but I guess it may happen sometime soon... scary.

Moomin Wed 28-Feb-07 22:08:00

Eowyn - did you dh have the cut and stitch or the mini-clamps? My dh had the latter which are sposed to be better as they don't leave any chance for the tubes to waft toegther and repair themselves (or whatever they do).

Dh had his done in Oct and the results were been sent to the wrong place for 5 weeks so we thought we'd be fine because it was AGES ago (famous last words). It took us 2 years to conceive dd2 so I was just assuming dh's sperm were a bit laid back and lethargic. Seems I underestimated the little buggers!

Eowyn Wed 28-Feb-07 22:12:56

His were cauterised, now he's on about the smell of burning flesh.. the letter actually said it could heal itself in years & years ... makes you wonder why you bother..

His was done end of Sept & we got all clear a couple of weeks ago, a thread on here said it takes ages to clear all the sperm out so I thought it'd be years before he was clear at the rate we go, but I guess that was maybe inaccurate, unless he's enjoying himself at work more than he admits... anyway, enough of that.

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