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Does anyone have a loved one with MS and want to talk?

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SleepFreeZone Fri 17-Feb-17 10:58:11

I have been with DP for five years. We have two small children and he received his RR MS diagnosis about 10 years ago at 35. He takes Interferon in injection form once a week and copes very well with it. In fact most of the time I forget he has it.

This morning he went for a check up and the consultant wants him to have an MRI as they've had some system update and there is nothing on his notes anymore to look at. For some reason it's made me feel scared. I think I'm so used to him being strong and capable in life, he takes care of all the finances and has the 'big job' etc. I find myself struggling to imagine him in a wheelchair with me potentially caring for him. Which of course I would no question. It's just a reality check and I'm worried they'll see something scary on the scan.

I know it could turn into Progressive MS and I also know it may stay as it is his whole life and something else entirely might get him health wise eventually. He keeps telling me there as stem cell research going on that could lead to an MS breakthrough down the line but I think he might be just trying to alleviate my worries.

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