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Kidney / Urine Infection Help - Please!

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MagicalMrsMistoffelees Thu 16-Feb-17 11:47:26

Just before Christmas I developed a burny pain in my pelvic area after I'd been to the toilet and when I was dehydrated. It was uncomfortable so I used pain killers and hot water bottles and drank only water. I didn't go to the GP because I didn't have increased frequency of urination and it didn't hurt when I was actually urinating so didn't think it could be a urine infection.

Last Friday I finally visited the GP just in case and it turns out I had a major urine infection. 😳 Was prescribed 200mg of Trimethoprim twice a day for five days. I'd had nausea for about three days before I went and that disappeared very quickly once I started the antibiotics (though I hadn't linked them before) and the burny pain subsided considerably. Problem solved I thought.

The day I finished the antibiotics (so was still taking them) I felt the burny pain return - though not as bad - and the nausea returned too. The day after that I developed lower right back pain with occasional twinges on the left.

I returned to the GP today thinking I just needed more antibiotics but he said it should have cleared up so wouldn't prescribe any further antibiotics and he didn't need to dip my urine - though he has sent it away to be analysed. I asked if the infection could have travelled to my kidneys and he replied that urine and kidney infections are the same thing so I don't need to be any more concerned about kidney infections than urine infections because if I have a urine infection I already have a kidney infection.

And that is what I want to ask you all about. Is he right?! Are they the same?!

MagicalMrsMistoffelees Thu 16-Feb-17 17:46:57

Anyone?! Please just read the last sentence if the rest is boring. grin That's my real question, the rest is just for context.

Tanfastic Thu 16-Feb-17 20:00:57

No I don't think they are the same although a kidney infection normally starts as a urine infection. If you develop a temperature or it gets worse I'd go back.

Tanfastic Thu 16-Feb-17 20:00:58

No I don't think they are the same although a kidney infection normally starts as a urine infection. If you develop a temperature or it gets worse I'd go back.

Twopeapods Thu 16-Feb-17 21:20:07

I don't think they are the same. I had a kidney infection before xmas. Severe pain, nausea, and fever. No burning with urination and the urine sample was clear. The GP prescribed antibiotics anyway and it cleared away, so was just in the kidney.
If you are still unwell I would go back and possibly see a different GP if you can.

clopper Thu 16-Feb-17 21:24:19

Did they culture a sample of your urine? I had a urine infection and they found that I hadn't been given the correct antibiotics so they changed them. I think different types of bugs respond to different antibiotics.

clopper Thu 16-Feb-17 21:24:39

Keep drinking plenty

BathshebaDarkstone Thu 16-Feb-17 21:25:42

I had no symptoms with my kidney infection, the first I knew was when I woke up in hospital. I blacked out in a pub after 2 glasses of wine.

Piehunter Thu 16-Feb-17 21:29:46

5 days of trimethoprim isn't enough to get rid of my normal UTI's, nevermind a "major" one. I usually have 7 days of something I can't spell (nitrofurantoin?) if it came back the day you were finishing them it would suggest that the infection may be resistant or just persistent... Your urine should be dipped at very least and cultured too as trimethoprim may not be the right antibiotic. Be sure to chase up the results of the culture (they won't be back til after weekend) as some gp's don't phone with results!

Kidney infection not the same as urine infection...his knowledge is concerning!

MagicalMrsMistoffelees Thu 16-Feb-17 21:52:32

The GP made me feel stupid saying that urine and kidney infections are the same saying, 'you do understand urine comes from the kidneys? So if you have a urine infection you have a kidney infection.'

He wouldn't dip my urine today saying it doesn't tell you anything. Eh?! Why do midwives do it at each check up then? I understand it doesn't tell you which infection you have but at least it gives an indication if one is present. A sample has been sent to the hospital though.

He also insisted I couldn't have any symptoms because the antibiotic I was prescribed last week was the right one for the infection I had (according to the results of the sample sent to hospital last week). That was another thing - I asked three times what the specific infection was and he kept not answering!

(BTW I only describe what I had as a major infection because when the (very nice - had all his marbles!) locum I saw last week dipped my urine he said, 'that's off the scale! It normally takes 30 seconds to develop and that was instant!')

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