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Help with hair

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Hails080690 Tue 14-Feb-17 22:14:50

This is a question I keep meaning to ask my hairdresser but always forgot by the time my next appointment arrives. So basically my job is a support worker for children teens and adult with learning disabilities (every type of disabilities) ranging from austim, angelmans etc. And alot of service users have challenging behaviour (love my job) however sometimes when a service user get upsets and displays chellenging behaviour. Some of them like to pull hair. I've had it happen to me a few times. But I am one of the staff that it happens regularly to (have been working there for 3 and a half years) so build up a good relationship still happens though. However when my hair gets pulled loads come out and I mean loads. Last time it happened I was able to fill a big salad bowl with the amount of hair that got pulled out. How do I make my hair stronger I only wash it once a week due to having thick hair. It's always in a ponytail and hardly ever use hair dryer or straighten it. Unless it my hair appoint or a night out etc... any tips as I am more than likely to forget to ask hairdresser in3 weeks time

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