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weird bug thing? any ideas?

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barbapapa Wed 28-Feb-07 13:47:30

DD1 and 2 have both had sore throats and temperatures. DD2 has also had an on and off runny tummy - she told me that she had a "disorganised poo" at school the other day.
I had a mild sore throat end of last week since then an on/ off slightly runny tummy. But also very tired and my fingers and toes really ache . As I wrote this I could cheerfully just fall asleep - anyone had a similar bug or should I see the docs? Or is the aching just impending decrepitude?

hidesitinthecupboard Wed 28-Feb-07 20:57:35

Lots of different bugs doing the rounds at the moment!

My mindee and DS have both had D&V recently and are now both full of cold, DS has really sore throat (can't tell me as only turned 1 yesterday but looks really red and voice sounds really rough) and is consipated (which he normally NEVER suffers from).

If temp goes higher than 38.5 would take kids to doctors though!HTH

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