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Thyroid / adrenals recovery

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Boppity Mon 13-Feb-17 13:21:35

I've had an under active thyroid since childbirth and every year The dosage needs changing and I go up by 1st to 14st.

Only way can shift this 1st is eating less than 1000 calories per day.

Last 2y had extremely stressful long term court cases against DH and I. And doc is testing for adrenal fatigue.

Put on another 1.5st in 6 weeks after last court hearing. Feel exhausted and freezing cold. And can't sleep and can't get up in the morning. Feel heavy and slow like a log. Also sweating a lot. Was going to gum x3 per week biking & weights. Recently so exhausted after went to bed & muscles now pulling from walking up stairs/ bending so must be thyroid med change time agai .

It's all really getting me down. I was 11st in 2012 and healthy. And my body just seems stuck here, with weight going up 1st for random reasons (is this hashitomos)?

Nhs is really poor at managing this stuff. I cut out carbs years ago but body now seems to need even less food. Feel like I will never be 11st again or in control of my appearance.

I followed Isabbella Wentz advice drink bone broth, yoghurt with live bacteria. Eat fish and veg every meal .

Anyone managing this better and can help please?

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