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Gloworm Gloworm Big favour please

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kizzie Tue 29-Jun-04 17:48:32

Gloworm - if u get a chance could u please do a big favour.

u mentioned rhodiola before and someone else has told me that they used it after getting off seroxat/ssri's.

(i think i told u that I tried SJW but made me feel worse - definately didnt help.)

Anyway - Im still using valium. Dr was happy for me to take SJW with valium but she has never herd of rhodiola. Would your reference books say if it was ok to take at the same time?

Hope you dont mind me asking - just though it was worth a try.

gloworm Tue 29-Jun-04 22:34:05

i'll have a look into will probably just say "discuss with your GP if on medication"....a bit of a catch 22 situation, as i am not qualified to talk about your medication and your GP hasnt heard of rhodiola.

as soon as i get time at work i will get some technical info on how rhodiola works. you can then show this to your gp.

it will be a day or 2 dependending on how busy shop is.

remember you can use the mood essence by jan de vries alongside any medication.

kizzie Thu 01-Jul-04 20:00:38

Thanks gloworm xxx

gloworm Sun 04-Jul-04 13:18:35

kizzie, sorry it took so long, here is some info on Rhodiola. Hopefully if you show it to your dr it will be enough info for her to make a decision.

Also I found out that sjw is mow thought to act like an ssri...maybe that is why it was no good for you (just a thought!)

If you are allowed to take the rhodiola, I strongly recommend getting a good brand, it can make such a difference. my first choice would be Solgar and my second choice would be Quest. If your health shop doesnt do these, you can get them online at

Herbal remedy which acts as an adaptogenic. This means it inceases the body's tolerance to stress and change. It mainly acts on the hypothalmus to normalise the way in which the body responds to stress.

It also acts as an anti-depressant. It enhances the transport of serotonin precursors (trypyophan and 5-HTP) into the brain, and through an MAO/COMT inhibiting effect it also reduces the degredation of mood-elevating neurotransmitters. Studies show a 30% increase of levels of serotonin in the brain.
Serotonin and dopamine are normally broken down by the enzyme COMT and rhodiola inhibits the activity of COMT by 60%.

My information doest say "avoid if on medication", it just says to check with GP this sounds promising for you.

I have also discovered that my people who suffer from depression have very low levels of omega 3 (so you could take fish oil) and they have too much omega 6(so avoid evening primrose oil). this is a bit over-simplified but I didnt have time to look into it. it is worth thinking about. again using a good quality fish oil can have good results that may not be seen with a poor quality one. Eskimo oil is great, although quite expensive. Higher Nature is petty good too and is quite cheap. And of couse Solgar and Quest are the oher 2 brand i think are good!

Hope all of this helps. If I have time I'll see what else I can find.

Good Luck and I hope you're feeling reasonably good today

gloworm Sun 04-Jul-04 13:25:19

oops, should say "sjw is NOW thought"

kizzie Sun 04-Jul-04 13:50:12

Gloworm - thankyou so much for all that info - have printed it off. Also v interesting re. the omega 6. I am taking 1000mg fish oil BUT have also been taking 500mg starflower/oil evening primrose to try and help with PMT.

Maybe I should stop the starflower but continue with the fish oil.

Anyway thanks again Gloworm. It may be that I do end up on medication again this time but that info is so useful for later, even if not now.

Bambina74 Tue 17-Jun-14 19:49:01

Hi, just came across this tread and am looking for some advice please, had a really bad year and have been a big anxious and a little down do started taking 2 rhodiola complex by solgar and a vit b complex and magnesium powder at night to help with sleep only taking these just over a week, how long does it take for the rhodiola to work? Really appreciate any advice thanks

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