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I am SO angry..........

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BethAndHerBrood Wed 28-Feb-07 12:50:28

DS2, nearly 8 months, has come out in little blistery spots since getting dressed this morning. I am fairly certain it's chicken pox. Rang the dr's, got put straight through to the out of hours service. After listening to a load of waffle a real person came on the line, asked what dr's I belonged to, then told me they don't do cover until 1pm for them. Right, says I, what do I do now? Wait until one, then ring back. This was about 12.30, btw.

I am fairly sure I know what's the matter, and can treat accordingly. But what if he was ill and I didn't know what it was? Temp, rash, aches and pains?

I know I'm getting worked up for not much really, but when it's your child, it's a personal affront!

liquidclocks Wed 28-Feb-07 12:54:52

Out if hours? On a wednesday? I'd be pissed off too - imagine the response you'd get at a weekend!

If you're at all concerned it's not chickenpox, or she seems properly ill with it (a s somebabies don't cope well with it) I'd take her straight to a&e, you can guaratee at least she'll get seen there and I've always been told by my a&e that they'd rather see you and reassure you than have you worrying.

liquidclocks Wed 28-Feb-07 12:55:30

sorry 'he' not she!

clairemow Wed 28-Feb-07 12:59:50

That's weird, at our doctors if you phone any time in the day there's always someone there on reception to answer, and I've got appointments really quickly when I say it's a baby concerned.

Did you get to describe the symptoms to the person, or was it an automated kind of response? What if your LO had sensitivity to light, spots that didn't disappear when a glass was pressed over them etc??? Presumably if you described those symptoms they might be concerned?

BethAndHerBrood Wed 28-Feb-07 13:09:18

There was a load of automatic waffle, then a woman came on and asked which dr I was with. She never asked anything about who the patient was. Sounded desperate to get back to her cuppa, and that was it.

Am sat here, DS2 is asleep on my knee, quietly stewing away. It's not right I can't access anybody, is it?

astronomer Wed 28-Feb-07 13:11:09

maybe receptionist was being a right b*h as they sometimes can be and had switched phone over so she could get out on time, probably reason why walk in centres are so crowded with people who really should be going to gp

Muminfife Wed 28-Feb-07 13:20:12

Message withdrawn

clairemow Wed 28-Feb-07 13:21:29

I was kind of hoping you'd say that you had a 5 min conversation with the receptionist, but they didn't even ASK?! Now I am for you.

BethAndHerBrood Wed 28-Feb-07 13:23:56

On the way up to school later I shall pop into Boots with him. The pharmacist is lovely, and really helpful, she'll tell me whats what.

Am feeling calmer now, thanks for the replies.

astronomer Wed 28-Feb-07 14:24:23

good idea much, much higher qualified than receptionist (and more polite)

BethAndHerBrood Wed 28-Feb-07 14:40:47

LOL!!!! You are SO right!!

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