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Where can I get some crutches quickly and easily?

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HobblingHelen Sun 12-Feb-17 21:34:24

I've injured my calf muscle today and it is agony to put any weight on it so I can't walk. I ordered some crutches from Argos for home delivery but they seem to be faulty. (I can't adjust the leg height - I've read the online manual but the brass buttons that should be sticking out of the holes aren't there and I can't adjust it at all - It's currently at very small child's height which doesn't help me at all!) I'm going to have to return them but - unless they can provide a non-faulty pair right away - I'm still stuck.

Where else can I get a pair of crutches very quickly? Do pharmacies sell them? Is it possible to borrow them from doctors' surgeries without seeing a doctor first? (I don't think I need to see a doctor - just rest it and not put weight on it - and it would take a long time to get a doctor's appointment anyway).

Snowflake65 Sun 12-Feb-17 21:38:50

Amazon Prime could get them to you by Tuesday

TheMouseInMyPocket Sun 12-Feb-17 21:39:21

Red cross rent mobility equipment -

Or, if you're in near Norwich, I've got a pair that I don't need.

Llamacorn Sun 12-Feb-17 21:40:51

I really don't think they're faulty. You need to twist the bottom half of the crutch and move it up and down until you can see the brass buttons push through the hole - mine do this often.

If they are really faulty, amazon and eBay have some next day delivery, you could phone gp/hospital explaining situation but be warned they are in short supply and they're not keen on giving them out willy nilly.

My lloyds chemist sell them too, as does a mobility shop local to us if you have one near.

If you were close to me I'd lend you a pair of mine! Hope you're better soon.

HobblingHelen Sun 12-Feb-17 21:48:36

Thanks for the suggestions.

Llamacorn - There's definitely an inner tube and an outer tube on the lower half of the crutch but I just can't move them/separate them/twist them at all - Any tips?

Llamacorn Sun 12-Feb-17 21:55:26

They could just be stiff with being new? Bit of wd40? Hard to say without actually seeing them, the brass buttons on one pair of mine are so difficult to do, so if that pair of mine were twisted inside the tube then they do feel stuck but would come out eventually.

Llamacorn Sun 12-Feb-17 21:57:48

Does the top part have the brass buttons too? The top and bottom parts are both adjustable, so should have 2 lots of brass buttons 👍

HobblingHelen Sun 12-Feb-17 22:05:12

The top part has brass buttons and was very easy to adjust but I'm really struggling with the bottom half. I've removed the rubber-thingy from the bottom and can see the two tubes but can't shift them at all. I've been trying on and off for the last hour or so and all I've achieved is somehow managing to cut my hand but the tubes haven't shifted a millimetre!

Toddlerteaplease Sun 12-Feb-17 22:29:59

Amazon prime. Ossenberg ones are brilliant

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