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how much water should i be drinking per day without drowning myself??

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Biglips Wed 28-Feb-07 11:52:52

as since ive had my dd - ive noticed as im a sahm, on days that i stay in i drink alot of tea which is bad for me as i know..but last nite i had a banging headache thru dehydration - not too bad today but ive been drinking water today


ThisFrogIsGonnaWhoopYouAss Wed 28-Feb-07 11:55:16

supposed to drink 8 glasses a day. I find it easy to do when at work as have a bottle of water on my desk, but harder to do at home.

Beetrootccio Wed 28-Feb-07 11:55:38

2 L

LadyMacbeth Wed 28-Feb-07 11:56:02

2 litres a day is recommended. Fine if you've access to the loo but if you're like me and dashing here there and everywhere it can be a real pain. Try to ensure you have at least three or four largish glasses and I'm sure you'll be fine.

PS. The drinking tea all day as a SAHM is meant to be kept a secret.

Beetrootccio Wed 28-Feb-07 11:56:47

you get used to drinking 2l in a short amount of time though

LadyMacbeth Wed 28-Feb-07 11:57:45

True, once you start drinking lots of water your body wakes up to the craving more and you thirst for it more than ever.

totaleclipse Wed 28-Feb-07 11:58:11

Yes, your need to go to the loo will reduce, and your skin will glow

totaleclipse Wed 28-Feb-07 11:59:13

Yeah, its funny how you crave it, its like an addiction.....a healthy one.

Biglips Wed 28-Feb-07 12:16:03

yes i remember when i used to work there used to be a bottle of water tank in the room and i never had any teas as it was manky but hey ho!...i do need to start drinking more

thanks xx

JackieNo Wed 28-Feb-07 12:19:48

According to this BBC programme you don't need to drink as much as that. It said on the programme that the 2l thing had been taken out of context , and that the guideline was that we needed 2 litres of water a day, most of which we got from food. But I do feel better when I drink water rather than coffee all day, so I don't really know what to believe.

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