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bronchitis -for over 2 weeks anyone else had it this long?

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brimfull Wed 28-Feb-07 11:46:16

I am seriously getting hacked off,have had a course of ab's no difference so may need a different one or it may be particularly nasty bug that takes effing eons to go.So has anyone recovered without ab's from this?

saffymum Wed 28-Feb-07 12:18:57

Are you still coughing? Do you have a fever anymore? After antibiotics the chest cough can usually linger for quite a bit until it clears properly. I would guess it will go in a week or so but if you are (sorry) spitting up any gunk or have any green mucus from your nose then you could still have an infection in your chest. If you are still worried get your chest checked again at the doc to see if its clear.

ONe really good remedy we use is Friar's Balsam. You get it at the chemist. Its a little bottle, put a teaspoon into a bowl of hot water and sit with a towel over your head for 15 mins breathing in the vapours (it smells but its brilliant to loosen the gunk on your lungs).

Then lie on a bed or over your partners knees and ask him to 'pummell' your back with the heel of his hands for a few minutes up and down your back. This loosens phlegm even more and you need to cough it up and spit it out (sorry this sounds gross) clearing this out your lungs every evening will really help. Use an old bowl as the balsam stains and don't get any on your carpet or clothes.

bogie Wed 28-Feb-07 12:21:05

DS has had it for 2 months now because they left it untreated saying it was just a cough untill he stopped breathing 2 weeks ago only then did they check him properley and confirm it was bronchitus he now has inhalers and tablets untill it clears he seems a bit better now but still there

brimfull Wed 28-Feb-07 13:30:21

thanks for that.
saffymum, would oilbas oil be the same thing?
I already have ventolin inhalers which am using a lot,no fever ,am still coughing and sound very rattley in bronchii,but haven't looked to check colour as never cough up enough to spit out,just swallow it... boak!
I'll get dp to pummel me this evening ,I feel like I could use some suction!

bogie at you ds stopping breathing,must have been terrifying.

saffymum Wed 28-Feb-07 15:04:55

Hi, the Olbas oil just opens your sinus to help you breathe, this Friars Balsam loosens the lungs. I know its gross but you would feel better if you spat out the gunk, otherwise its just going to make you feel more sick when it goes into your tummy! Who gave you the ventolin inhaler? The doc? Do you have asthma? You might need to check with the pharmacy/chemist if you can use these products together.

brimfull Wed 28-Feb-07 15:08:03

I have asthma ,but only ever need my inhaler at times lke this,got a few last week with the AB's.
Will check with the pharmacy thanks for you help.

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