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I've done something really weird to my foot

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iwasagirlinavillage Sat 11-Feb-17 22:52:06

On Wednesday night I was getting DD to sleep and sitting on our bed with my leg tucked underneath me. When I got up to leave the room it hurt to walk, at the front of my foot then it started to bruise and swell. The next morning it was okay at first but the more I walked on it the more the bruise and swelling came out. By midday it looked like (first pic). I got it checked out at minor injuries. They did an x-ray and the doctor said he thinks there's a fracture but the c-ray wasn't typical as there's a shadow where he thinks the break is. But he got his colleague who he said was more experienced to have a look and he said he thought it was all fine and didn't think there was a break. The first doctor didn't seem sure and before I left he took me off to see the x ray so he could point out what he meant. Anyway, he said a radiographer would take a look at it and if they thought differently they would contact me. So that was Thursday. Yesterday the bruising had gone down and it was still swollen but looked like it was getting better. It hurt when I walked on it and really started to ache towards the evening. Today, it's come out in a bruise again but in different places to what it was previously including on my toe. Obviously it's nowhere near as bad as it was (bruise-wise) but it seems weird that it almost went and now it's coming back again. My middle toe also seems to be in a slightly odd position, especially in comparison to the other foot.

Has anyone had anything similar? Is it likely to be a ligament or something?

PeaceOfWildThings Sat 11-Feb-17 22:56:31

DD kicked a wall and broke her middle toe, resulting in a similar bruise. She had to keep her weight off that foot (helped to have shoes with slightly raised heels) and use crutches for a couple of weeks.

MollyHuaCha Sun 12-Feb-17 08:04:43

No idea what it is, but it looks as though it needs resting flowers

Sesamoid Sun 12-Feb-17 08:15:17

Did the doctors give you any idea what it could be if it wasn't a break?

Could be you broke a blood vessel while you were kneeling down and the pain and swelling is from the collection of blood? I've noticed bruises shifting as they break down, I think the fluid gets shunted around a bit. I remember when my sister ran into the wall playing squash, she hit the side of her head but got a massive black eye because the blood pooled around it.

iwasagirlinavillage Sun 12-Feb-17 12:48:10

Thanks to everyone for your responses.

They didn't say what it could be. They were perplexed about how I'd done it, as am I, and they just said to take painkillers and elevate it and if it's no better in a week get it checked again. It's pretty difficult to rest it with a toddler and a baby.

The bruise has come out more again today.

MollyHuaCha Sun 12-Feb-17 14:07:50

Looks awful flowers

Sesamoid Sun 12-Feb-17 14:14:33

It looks tinged green in a old bruise kinda way though. Does it hurt over the whole bruise or in just in one spot?

AtSea1979 Sun 12-Feb-17 14:18:12

Was going to ask same. If you don't walk on it and poke it, where does it hurt?

iwasagirlinavillage Sun 12-Feb-17 14:24:27

When I'm not doing anything to it it hurts on the middle toe and the second toe. When I'm walking on it it tends to hurt on the joint, all along my toes and then if I'm walking for a while it starts to ache all over.

It's just so strange as I've no idea what I've done.

Darlink Sun 12-Feb-17 15:15:35

Google March fracture

RedBugMug Sun 12-Feb-17 15:18:37

could well be a fracture.
toddler and baby you say? so possibly breastfeeding and therefore leaching minerals...
make an appointment with gp for bone density assessment.

iwasagirlinavillage Sun 12-Feb-17 15:56:39

Yes, I am breastfeeding and I previously had low vitamin D and I'm having my levels re-tested due to showing symptoms again (plus taking a lower dose during pregnancy because of incorrect information from the MW). I'm not entirely sure how low vitamin D impacts the bones but I know if does. With that all said though, the x-ray didn't show an obvious break and it was only that one area what was unclear because of a shadow.

I need to go to the GP anyway so I'll ask about a bone density assessment. I always think with things like that thought that the GP will say it's unnecessary based on just this one thing.

RedBugMug Sun 12-Feb-17 16:23:52

bone injuries without major reasons should always be investigated.

vit d is needed to transport the calcium to the bones <very simplistic> so your history of low vit d levels should help your gp to refer you.

MrsGotobed Sun 12-Feb-17 17:20:35

That does sound and look suspiciously like a fracture.

When I broke my ankle after simply going over on it a friend who knows about these things said I should request a DEXA scan as it sounded as if my bone density wasn't what it should be to break it in such a simple incident.

When my plaster came off and I saw the orthopaedic consultant I asked him for a DEXA scan and although he looked at me in a hmm way (as if to say "I should be the one to suggest any further action/what do you know about such things?") he agreed.

Sure enough I have poor bone density and now take calcium and VitD tablets and increased my weight-bearing exercise to help it

iwasagirlinavillage Sun 12-Feb-17 19:22:18

Thank you all for taking the time to respond.

I should have asked this at the time but what could cause the shadow on my x ray? The first thing the doctor said to me in relation to the x ray is that it's "not typical" but once the more experienced doctor looked at it he said he doesn't think it's fractured and that was pretty much it. I should have asked more questions but I was just relieved it was okay plus I had DD2 with me who was tired and getting upset and I was just pleased to be able to leave! Could the shadow just be something on the image? Or could it be caused by the swelling? I've never had any fractures before so it's not something I'm that familiar with and I don't really know how x-rays work - I thought it just showed the bones and that was it.

RedBugMug Sun 12-Feb-17 19:25:25

a shadow can come from a blood vessel or bruising

iwasagirlinavillage Sun 12-Feb-17 21:03:31

Sorry to fill this thread with photos of my foot. I know it's thrilling! But I just walked into the kitchen and thought it bloody hurt on my second toe and I looked down to see a big red mark, like a fresh bruise, on that joint. I haven't done anything to it - I haven't knocked it or sat on it or anything. What is going on?!

(The bit at the bottom of the photo is shadow so ignore that)

iwasagirlinavillage Sun 12-Feb-17 22:04:44

Another thing my husband just mentioned is that I've cut out dairy as we think DD has CMPA so I'm getting much less calcium than usual.

I've read up about march fracture and it all seems to fit other than one major thing - I don't exercise! I don't do any high impact sport and, although I walk, I don't walk as much as I do when I'm at work. One thing that made me wonder as well is that it said women who don't have regular menstrual cycles are more likely to get fractures due to low oestrogen. My periods haven't returned since having DD as I'm still breastfeeding, but I don't know how breastfeeding in itself affects oestrogen levels.

FourKidsNotCrazyYet Sun 12-Feb-17 22:09:46

Could you have given yourself a gradual dislocation of the base of your toe by prolonged pressure on it while you were sitting down? My DH did that once hmm

iwasagirlinavillage Mon 13-Feb-17 07:33:17

It's possible, although I don't know what that would feel like. The middle toe looks slightly bent when compared to the other foot but that could just be down to swelling.

iwasagirlinavillage Mon 13-Feb-17 09:42:29

I mentioned my foot to the GP this morning and he said he thinks I've either strained something or burst a blood vessel and it's nothing to worry about.

Coffeeandafag Mon 13-Feb-17 09:48:30

It looks exactly like my foot when I broke my middle toe. Didn't get it x rayed for 6 weeks though! From your description of it and the appearance, it sounds the same. Can't help you with an explanation though, I broke my through (accidental) force.

Coffeeandafag Mon 13-Feb-17 09:51:41

I was also sent away by my gp!

iwasagirlinavillage Mon 13-Feb-17 09:54:35

Coffee What did they do for your broken toe?

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