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My husband has a rash between his testes and anus

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sarahbaby12 Sat 11-Feb-17 20:40:27

He will not go to the doctor because he says that it is to embarrassing. The rash looks like a few cuts and is red. I have a picture of it if necessary.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 11-Feb-17 20:42:32

I'd try the athletes foot Canesten?

Ilovecaindingle Sat 11-Feb-17 20:44:00

Lets hurry with a remedy ladies before the photos appear!!

Juveniledelinquent Sat 11-Feb-17 20:45:18

Sounds like thrush, so Canesten is a good suggestion.

OnHold Sat 11-Feb-17 20:45:21

No need for a picture.

Tell him to try lamisil.

missyB1 Sat 11-Feb-17 20:45:54

Could well be fungal they do sweat a bit in that region. I second the suggestion of canestan.

sarahbaby12 Sat 11-Feb-17 20:46:45

no worries. i will not post a picture. thank you all

mollyblack Sat 11-Feb-17 20:47:20

Its probably jock itch

SealSong Sat 11-Feb-17 20:48:54

God please don't post a picture! Just tell him to man up and go to the doctors..the Dr will have seen it all before.
If he absolutely refuses to go to the Dr, an anti-fungal cream from the chemist is a good place to start.

sarahbaby12 Sat 11-Feb-17 20:50:52

he says it does not ever itch or hurt. its just very weird

MollyHuaCha Sat 11-Feb-17 22:14:42

Er... no pic pls. It's prob thrush. Buy Canestan at supermarket or pharmacy. Wash bedsheets and towels at 60 degrees and he should have a clean towel each time he showers. It's highly contagious so take care.

Tanfastic Sat 11-Feb-17 22:53:38

Germoline. Bloody brilliant stuff. I whack it on everything that needs healing and it works wonders.

tobecontinued2000 Sat 11-Feb-17 23:23:13

It could just be severe sweat rash. Is he particularly hairy there?

Wash and dry the area with a hairdryer and leave it to let the air get to it.

You could pop into the pharmacy to get a cream, I'm not sure which one would be best.

Ihatethedailymail1 Sat 11-Feb-17 23:30:24

If it does not itch or hurt, how did he find it??!! The mind boggles!

As I clicked on this thread I was saying to myself, please don't let there be a photo, as it loaded!

teentraumas Sat 11-Feb-17 23:34:40

Like a poster said further up, jock itch, or jock rot blush
Lamisil way more effective than canestan for jock itch

As a skin specialist nurse I spend way too much time diagnosing rashes there confused

Leggit Sat 11-Feb-17 23:43:36

Does he suffer from psoriasis?

Eragonsegg Sat 11-Feb-17 23:44:57

grin at no pic please it's like the opposite of 'normal' MN!

TheoriginalLEM Sat 11-Feb-17 23:48:40

Probably a sweat rash. but they are often uncomfortable. Get him to try some anti fungal cream or some hydrocortisone cream.

HecateAntaia Sat 11-Feb-17 23:54:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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