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chicken pox in baby

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Babyramone Wed 28-Feb-07 08:41:37

My ds 3 yrs has the chicken pox, we're on day 2. Anyway this I can deal with as sort of know what to expect in terms of itching etc.
I have however a 5 month DD who's bound to get it.
Does anyone have tips on how to get through it with a small baby.
Also was advised the homoePathic remedy Rhus nox, which helps with the itching. has anyone tried this.

Babyramone Wed 28-Feb-07 08:42:51

It's Rhus tox I mean

Ponka Wed 28-Feb-07 08:45:28

Have you had it yourself? I hear babies quite often carry their Mum's immunity and so can escape getting it completely or get it midly. This was certainly the case with DS at about 4/5 months. He had one spot and it didn't bother him. I guess he might get it again later. Another friend's baby did get it badly at about 5 months but it seemed not to bother her so much so (you never know) you might be worrying about nothing?

Babyramone Wed 28-Feb-07 10:06:55

Yes I had as a child, Did wonder about this but not sure if you have to breast feed, I did but exclusivly only for 6 weeks, Had stopped completely by about 10-11 weeks.

Wilbur Wed 28-Feb-07 10:15:35

My ds2 got chicken pox from his older sister when he was 8 months old (he was still being breastfed, but only morning and night so clearly not enough immunity to protect him from dd's onslaught!) He was utterly covered in spots, bless him, but amazingly seemed to be not too bothered by them. He didn't try to scratch and although he was clearly uncomfortable at times during the nights, extra lotion, plus a bit of calpol while he had the temperature and a cuddle usually did the trick. It was a long few weeks, certainly, what with applying lotion to 3 small children, and being stuck inside until they had started to clear up, but at least we got it over the done with. BTWE it took the full 14 days incubation for ds2's spts to come out after dd first showed hers, so initially I thought he had got away with it. But no...

amyclaire85 Wed 28-Feb-07 13:35:54

My ds2 caught chicken pox about 2 weeks ago from ds1 at 4 weeks old even though I was breastfeeding at the time. He had about 10 spots so quite mild and didn't seem to bother him too much.

His spots came out exactly a week after ds1. Hopefully your dd won't get it too bad!

Wags Wed 28-Feb-07 14:30:26

Yup, sorry to say my baby got chicken pox as well! He was 14wks and exclusively breast fed. He was covered in spots and was quite poorly, but more from the fact of being uncomfortable, not especially high temp or anything. Gave him calpol and piriton and just fed him as much as he wanted. It mainly affected his night time sleeping . If he does get it just do the usual and if at all worried take him to Dr. I am now glad that we are all over and done with it early, DD had it the same time, she was 2 they caught it from me as I had shingles.

Wags Wed 28-Feb-07 14:37:41

This takes you to a previous thread that someone posted about chicken pox but it mentions using Piriton. Might be worth checking which sort you use

Babyramone Wed 28-Feb-07 14:40:23

Thanks everyone, not so scared of her getting now. If she does at least that'll be it over and done with.
Got my 3yr old on piriton as he wont let me put on calamine. What fantastic stuff he's calmed down and is happier.

laudaud Wed 28-Feb-07 14:46:53

I've been hoping for DD to get Chicken Pox early as apparently it can be more severe as they get older. Also when they are younger they are less likely to understand the effect of scratching and will therefore irritate it less, I think. Anyway DD (20 months)sent home from nursery today with temperature - may be chicken pox as there was a case of it last week.

We've already got the calamine lotion and calpol on standby

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