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I have a Buffalo Hump!! how can I correct it?

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MuckyAnthea Wed 28-Feb-07 04:11:49

I am being tested for Cushings disease, am just waiting for the results. I have never taken any medication associated with causing Cushings disease, but while doing research I realised I have a lump on the bottom of my neck, between my shoulders which is a sympton of Cushings. I never knew what this lump was, and have always put it down to being fat when I was really overweight, or just plain bad posture. So, I am wondering how I can correct this lump, I am in the process of exercising alot, and wondering what kind of exercise I can do which will aid my posture? I should get my test results back maybe at the end of this week.

Does anyone else have this lump, or know anything about it? Many thanks in advance for any advice : )

twentypence Wed 28-Feb-07 05:36:37

My mum has one of these, I just assumed that it was a weight thing. I shall watch your answers with interest.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 28-Feb-07 07:08:09

The above website has a lot of info on Cushings disease that you may want to read.

MuckyAnthea Thu 01-Mar-07 04:50:03

Thanks for the link to the website, looks interesting. I had a chance to get my kidneys scanned today to check for a gland or something that is linked to Cushings, but I declined as it was too expensive. So will wait and see what the blood tests come back with first. I am going to try attending a yoga class again to see if my lump goes down that way. I am just embarrassed about it, because if I wear a low top which shows my neck and back, you can see the hump and it looks dreadful.

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