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MASSIVE TMI WARNING WITH PICTURE. period related, should I contact someone or wait to see gp?

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Upyourdaisy Sat 11-Feb-17 06:19:59

I'll apologise now for the picture because it's truly gruesome. I gave birth 10 weeks ago and thought my period was starting (I thought it was a bit late as baby is ff) anyway, woke this morning to find this on my pad. Again, sorry for the gross pic. I was worried it might be something that was retained after birth, I don't feel unwell, I've had menstrual like pain in my lower back, quite painful. Do I call 111 or wait till Monday? I've got little ones at home, including newborn.
Sorry again, thanks.

peripateticparents Sat 11-Feb-17 06:29:53

That looks unusual to me. I'd probably speak to your health visitor... mine was happy for me to call with any worries. Best to keep it too, for her to see if she wishes.

MagicChicken Sat 11-Feb-17 06:32:30

Disclaimer: Not a HCP but I think if you don't feel any signs of infection, do temperature, drowsiness or anything you are probably ok to wait until Monday. If you phone 101 they will just send you to A&E as a precaution so you may as well go anyway. confused

But do keep a really close eye on any other developing symptoms.

Also I would keep bumping this to keep it active in the hope that a midwife or GP might see it and advise you better.

Is there even a tiniest possibility that you could have been PG again?

MagicChicken Sat 11-Feb-17 06:32:49

YY to calling your HV, that is a good idea.

Upyourdaisy Sat 11-Feb-17 06:37:00

I suppose there's a tiny possibility, I've never miscarried though, does it look similar? Should I chance posting in chat, with my huge tmi warning? I don't want to upset/offend anyone. My hv will tell me to go to a&e, what about mw?

PlugUgly1980 Sat 11-Feb-17 06:38:16

Phone 111 (not101 as that's the police job emergency number! wink). Might just be an awful first period, but worth checking.

PlugUgly1980 Sat 11-Feb-17 06:39:42

* can't type - non emergency number, that should have said.

Upyourdaisy Sat 11-Feb-17 06:57:21

I've posted in chat as well. Thanks everyone

peripateticparents Sat 11-Feb-17 07:11:07

Not dissimilar to my m/c's in many ways tho I was always further along. The sac looking part in particular, which was what made me think of hv.

Aquamarine70 Sat 11-Feb-17 14:04:31

I read on here about decidual casts. It couid be that. Or retained placenta. Best to get checked.

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