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Urodynamics testing experiences?

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Piehunter Fri 10-Feb-17 18:02:36

I've been referred for cystoscopy and urodynamics testing due to urine retention issues. I'm very used to catheters, having had numerous put in over the last few months and now intermittently catheterising at home myself but I'm anxious about the level of invasiveness that seems to come with urodynamics testing?

I've had quite a few gynae issues for the last few years so despite not having had kids yet I am quite used to having to have intimate examinations and procedures done however a catheter in my bum seems a step further and I'm dreading it sad add to that the fact that my retention issues make peeing hard enough as it is, being in a room with other people and being asked to pee round a catheter sounds like it could be impossible...

Experiences- good or bad- welcomed. I'd like to be prepared!

Piehunter Sat 11-Feb-17 06:59:22


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