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Help me keep away from google please

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totallystumped Fri 10-Feb-17 17:27:12

I had an ultra sound scan last Sat to check for gall stones. Before Christmas I'd had a couple of weeks of really bad pain in the R upper quadrant and everyone I knew who'd had the blessed things said that was what my symptoms sounded like.

Anyway tech did scan, said she couldn't see any stones but there was a cyst. Called the GP surgery earlier this week and booked an appointment for Monday coming.

Today I thought I'd ring and check results were in. They are. Then I made the mistake of asking the size. Turns out there are 2 one is small (8mm ish at it's largest) but the other is roughly 5cm x5cm x 6cm. Is this as big as it seems to me?

There is also mention of some fatty infiltration. I am a bit overweight, but fairly active, 50+, hardly drink alcohol now (though I did drink a bit years ago), and LFTs have been normal, I did grow up in a sheep area.

What kind of thing can I expect to happen now?

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