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Acid reflux diet

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nannybeach Fri 10-Feb-17 10:27:37

None smoker, not overweight, used to drink 1 bottle of wine a week, 3 glasses over weekend, very little fried, fatty food. Had acid reflux occassionaly, with 4 weeks of varius tablets ending with azole, this time around didnt help, burning throat, lost voice completely, clearing throat,coughing, dry mouth, funny taste, hoarse voice, ended up sleeping bolt upright on sofa, having evening meal 5 hours before bed didnt hep, so last meal at 2. Am now trying THE ACID WATCHERS DIET, by Dr Jonathon Aviv, wondered if anyone else had done this and how they got on? Only been on it a week. Course, everyone else complicates things, Oh, it wont hurt you to have a weak cup of tea, oh, you can eat drink this it wont hurt, wonder if they would off an alcolhic a drink!!

sufferingicecakes Fri 10-Feb-17 13:34:57

Are you seeing a GP about this? Could it be bile rather than acid from stomach and therefore maybe more of a Gallstone problem? I am no healthcare professional but your diet already sounds good in terms of little alcohol no fatty foods etc and having tried a month of PPIs I am surprised it did not work.

I am on a low acid diet myself at the moment and I sympathise! I have Gastritis/Ulcers and have just come off PPIs myself. The PPI totally cured any reflux and burning but I need to maintain the diet.

I am doing no coffee or decaff, no tomatoes, citrus, spices, herbs, cream or high fat, no wine. Basically my diet is yoghourt and honey, rice pudding, porridge, berries, mango and aloe vera juice, chicken and rice, fish, pureed potatoes, carrots, suede, beans, peas, salad and a little red meat. I have wholemeal bread and cereals and things like scrambled egg and omelettes. It is all pretty boring but I am determined that I will get back to normal soon! I think I overindulged over Christmas and am paying the price. Meanwhile of course, husband is merrily helping himself to wine every evening!

Have you had an endoscopy to find out why you are suffering so?

nannybeach Sat 11-Feb-17 09:13:55

Yes, have seen Dr, each time of course, for the PPIs, usualy they will work after a week or two, but not this time. I dont always have acid coming up from the stomach, its not bile, I know what that tastes like, its what they call "silent" reflux, when the pepsin receptors in your throat act on acidic food going down. I dont eat meat havent for over 30 more like 40 years, I was totally vegi for about 25, no gut problems then. Was diagnosed with IBS 20 years ago, I do eat fish,chicken,eggs now. The diet I mentioned is similar to yours but "acid free" as opposed to low acid. No yogurt,honey,mango, food with a PH of over 5, and only water to drink. I WAS a healthcare professional for over 40 years. Endoscopy has been mentioned, have had a colonoscopy NAD. Had my gall bladder removed in 1972, so I know what the symptoms from that are like. My H has very similar problems, usually one bit of his gut playing up, but he is a meat and 2 veg bloke, eats processed food, (never smoked,doesnt drink) There is no way he would do this diet. He has had cameras up down, was told before I met him, he had ulcers. Sliht oesophagutis,slight gastritus thats all, yet sometimes he has difficulty swallowing and chokes on food.

Olympiathequeen Sat 11-Feb-17 12:35:45

I've heard of the alkaline diet being very good, but no personal experience.

frillyflower Wed 31-May-17 06:14:44

Nannybeach I have the same problem as you. Had endoscopy and have Barrett's oesophagus.
Trying to stick to acid watchers diet. It's hard. Are your symptoms improved now?

silentpool Wed 31-May-17 06:39:55

I used to really suffer with acid and stomach ulcers but have controlled it through diet and lifestyle for several years. People with acid reflux or heartburn often ironically have low stomach acid and the body then over produces it to compensate.

So in terms of diet, I initially removed the obvious triggers, like tomatoes, citrus, peppermint etc. I then added a daily dose of Apple cider vinegar, diluted in water with some Apple juice. I added some digestive enzymes, once a day to improve my digestion. I stopped taking heartburn meds as this can create a vicious cycle of acid reduction-body then tries to raise acid levels-heartburn etc. I find I do best on a lower carb, less processed diet overall and can happily eat all of my former trigger foods now. When acid hits, an immediate dose of a digestive enzyme and/or Apple cider vinegar fixes it for me, without meds quite quickly.

ScipioAfricanus Sun 06-Aug-17 22:24:46

silentpool what digestive enzymes do you use?

Kyanite Wed 13-Jun-18 19:41:24

I have followed Dr Aviv's The Acid Watcher Diet. It is not the same as the alkaline diet. I have a large hiatus hernia and have been on PPIs and H2 blockers but managed to come off them and just have Gaviscon Advance when needed now.

When I follow the diet I have no reflux, which is brilliant. Including digestive enzymes (Udo's) and ox bile salts (Swanson) has really helped too (I no longer have my gallbladder, so missing concentrated bile and that makes acid worse). I would never have apple cider vinegar though, Dr Aviv explains the damage it does.

GourmetGold Thu 14-Jun-18 16:30:13

Apparently acid reflux is actually caused by stomach not being acid enough!!
As we age our stomachs become less acidic, harmful bacteria increase, causing reflux. Apple Cider vinegar is meant to help.
Here's an article:-

Kyanite Thu 14-Jun-18 16:45:18

Doctors are very clear on the damage apple cider vinegar can do and it's not allowed on this diet. Not all acid issues are due to too little acid, for instance with a hiatus hernia or bile issues.

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