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Pulsatile tinnitus anyone?

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Pheebe Tue 27-Feb-07 20:27:05

I've just been diagnosed with PT (started within a couple of weeks of giving birth) and given the all clear that its nothing sinister causing it. Just wondered if there's anyone else around with it and if so how do you cope with it?

barbapapa Wed 28-Feb-07 13:51:39

Hi Pheebe
I also suffer from this it started about five months ago , left ear only. I have had an MRI all ok there seems to be no cause for it. My consultant says that they can offer tinnitus retraining to help the brain screen out the noise it takes time but had good results. At the moment the pulsing is only really noticeable at night .

Pheebe Thu 01-Mar-07 08:22:14

Hi Barb
Good to know I'm not alone. I have a follow-up visit with my consultant so hopefully we'll talk about retraining. I can hear it almost all the time but knowing its nothing serious really helps!
Good luck with yours

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