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Tired all the time

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threewonders1 Wed 08-Feb-17 18:12:14

I am soon to be 45, and I am a mum of twins 18, and a 7 year old, I work very part time, and I have a wonderful husband that does help me as much as he can. I do all the housework/food shopping/and the cooking.

I do get average 8 hours sleep a night abit broken for a toilet run. But I wake up every day totally exhausted.

I am out the house a lot and hardly sit down, but I am not a lover of exercise. Which I know some will say I need to stay doing to break the tiredness cycle.

I had my bloods checked about 2years ago for thyroid and they came back clear.

I do have a lot going on emotionally, for a very long time I have been trying to help my mum with her very severe anxiety, as an only child I feel its my duty to try as much as possible, but we get bad weeks and some rare good days.

Generally my diet is following the Slimming World plan, which I don't stick to at all, as I feel so tired all the time.

This is me, and Im exhausted, I have thought about juicing but have no idea where to start.

Any advice appreciated thanks

user1484615313 Wed 08-Feb-17 18:17:23

Maybe go to doc for bloods again. A lot can change in two years. Also you could try taking some vitamin c (1000mg)to boost your immune system.

JavaFee Wed 08-Feb-17 18:24:23

I second the OP - two years is a long time for a blood test. Get your iron levels and vitamin b12 checked as well. Also some doctors still follow old guidelines for the TSH value - it used to be that anything under 4 is acceptable but nowadays less than 2 is recommended.

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