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Can anyone recommend a gynaecologist or clinic for perineal repair / refashioning

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Idonthaveenoughtime Wed 08-Feb-17 01:32:36

I have been told I will need this and am looking for an excellent and skilled gynaecologist I can see privately who can diagnose any other issues that may not have been picked up on and advise on and refer or perform a surgery to correct painful and misaligned stitching! I want the medical issue fixed but also as good a cosmetic result as I could hope to get it all looking and working as it once did. Obviously I want someone who won't make a bad situation worse!

Manchester/Chester area, London or the midlands are all within reach.

I'm hoping by going private to have this solved as quickly as possible as the NHS waiting times are depressing and normal life seems far off. And because I want someone to really listen to me and take my wishes into account with the surgery, which clearly didn't happen with the stitching.

Fauxgina Wed 08-Feb-17 15:01:32

I'm in Manchester, the nearest NHS urogynaecology clinic to you is St Marys Hosp Manchester and is well recommended but sloooowwwww.

I've seen Professor Smith at the Alexandra, he's also at Spire Hospital, he's generally considered best private urogynae in North West, even my GP recommended him. I only had one appointment with him to discuss my NHS care so can't recommend his surgeries etc but he's worth a Google at least. (First consultation £250)


Fauxgina Wed 08-Feb-17 15:16:42

Sorry misread for a minute perineum repair with pelvic floor repair.

Have a look at the website Manchester Gynaecologists you might find someone better for "cosmetic" repairs (I know it's not cosmetic but you know what I mean sorry)

Idonthaveenoughtime Thu 09-Feb-17 00:14:27

Thank you anyway! I'll look into that consultant anyway as its the best option I have.
It's not really cosmetic, it's definitely not something that somebody could live with, but I would like to guarantee that this time round that whoever reconstructs my perineum cares about normal anatomy down there. The midwife stitched my labia inside my perineum and now the skin is pulling and scarring and as the scar contracts even sitting is painful and wiping hurts, the skin that shoudn't be where it is looks like the blood supply is now dying...scary...It looks like a FGM case, bits missing etc, so i doubt it'll ever look cosmetically normal after whats been done to me, but the NHS staff I've seen don't seem to care that I'm not able to function like a normal human after a straight forward birth that I otherwise really enjoyed and a tear I was told was 'minor' so i let the midwife stitch it! Not to mention they didn't even bother to stitch my internal 2nd degree tears (i hope that's all it was as I have pain urinating too) and i have aching pain in there. I no longer have a normal vaginal opening and can't have intimacy because to do so is pure agony but despite this I've got to wait weeks for a referral. Really regretting getting care at a trust recently slated for poor maternity care!

Fauxgina Thu 09-Feb-17 08:17:15

I'm so sorry I didn't mean cosmetic but I mean plastic surgery -someone who is skilled at external repair. I know Prof Smith works with this private umbrella firm

Sorry, didn't mean to suggest I thought it was minor, I'm also due perineorrhaphy which is what you need, have a look through and see who's most interested in that area, sounds awful and I think going private if you can afford it is a good idea.

Sepinia Fri 29-Sep-17 13:17:59

Did you solve the problem? I'm looking for a good surgeon as I had it re-stitched twice and still not rightangry

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