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pnd and antideppresant advice please

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jaide Tue 27-Feb-07 14:19:53

need good advice about pnd PLEASE am going bonkers. Right here goes sorry its gonna be a long one, got ds 7 ds3 and dd 6months, lifes pretty busy usual worries like money kids health and happiness, i tend to be natural worrier anyway, been feeling more wound up and anxious than usual and a bit p**d off, im tired and have not much time for myself but i accept this as part of having 3 kids and because ive set up my own buisness so i can work from home. ive seen a homeopath who gave me sepia and did feel better. however ive seen my hv today she says ive got pnd need to have ads and said gp would prob give me one beginning with f like flouroxine in a small dose to slow my brain down. im concerned about side effects of ads but also concerned i do need ads and everyone else can see this but me.

hellobello Tue 27-Feb-07 16:03:04

Please don't worry about taking anti depressants. The newer ones including fluoxetine have fewer side effects and can work wonders! I took fluoxetine for nearly 10 years, and it was fantastic to feel a bit more like a normal human being. They can take a while to work (4-6 weeks sometimes) but some people feel better much sooner. I'm on Sertraline again now (ok for bf), and it's fine. I feel an awful lot better generally and better able to cope. Depression is so common as to almost be a normal part of being a mum. It's really worth a try, and no fun pressing on regardless feeling as though cement is setting in your head!

Elk Tue 27-Feb-07 16:05:47

Hi, I am on citalopram not the one you mentioned. My side effects only lasted a couple of weeks and included being a bit spaced out and naseous - no going on tea cup rides at the fair.

To be honest I found it a relief that my brain was 'slowed down' as it really did get rid of all those horrible negative thoughts. It took a couple of months for my brain to get back up to speed and I now feel quite normal.

I also use a yoga relaxaion CD - it takes approx 12 min per day and that helps as well.

hope someone can give you some more info about your expected drug.

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