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Fibromyalgia and alcohol

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UnicornsRreal Tue 07-Feb-17 08:21:14

Hi there, I've suffered with fibromyalgia for over 3 years now but only been diagnosed in the last few months. I've realised alcohol triggers my flare ups, does anyone else find this? I'm now facing a future of no alcohol (even 1 drink and I suffer for weeks) sad

Bettertobehealthy Tue 07-Feb-17 11:07:01

Hi unicorns,

I can't help with the alcohol, but I wondered if you knew , that 50% of people diagnosed with Fibromyalgia , do in fact have a Vitamin D deficiency , symptoms can be similar. ( Ref: Prof. Holick , Boston medical centre)

Have a look at this thread , where there is some more information. Because it is so common , I would check my level , if I was you.

Also here , lots of people with similar symptoms , we discuss doses, effects, how it helped etc etc.
(Info from Prof Holick on second page of thread.)

Best of luck


PS. A quick test can be obtained here , at this NHS Path Lab . A postal test ( blood spot on blotting paper ) , results e-mailed back within a week. They do charge £28 unfortunately , but it is one of the cheapest and easiest, that I have found, at least.


UnicornsRreal Tue 07-Feb-17 20:36:43

Thank you for your advice, I did not not that fibromyalgia sufferers are vit D deficient, I will have a look at those links. Thanks ever so much for taking the time to reply to me x

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