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Back pain between shoulder blades - why and how to fix?

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Blerg Mon 06-Feb-17 19:13:10

I have for years had pain between my shoulder blades. It is worse when I'm tense, like I carry tension there. I had a trying toddler and a one year old and they drive me mad half the time.

I am also 2 stone overweight (was 5 stone) and have fairly vast boobs.

I cosleep and wake up stiff. I'm 35.

I try to meditate and do yoga to stretch it out and relax but it's hurts again almost straightaway.

Could it be bad core and huge boobs? If so, what exercise can I do to relieve it?

I have had an osteopath work on it privately and it felt great but was expensive and ongoing. Like the muscle problem wasn't addressed.

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