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Tired, headaches, nauseous is it low iron?

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newstartamiready Sun 05-Feb-17 23:05:46

So I've been so tired recently with headaches and feeling nauseous, I even worried I might be pregnant but I did a test and its negative.

I do suffer from low iron normally but for nearly the last month I have been taking spatone and it normally works quickly but gently (I can't take the prescribed iron as it has bad effects for me).

Does it seem like low iron or something else? Maybe I need a blood test confused

gobbin Mon 06-Feb-17 00:30:33

Carbon monoxide poisoning? Any gas appliances/cooker need a service?

newstartamiready Mon 06-Feb-17 07:16:15

My boiler and cooker pasta gas safety check every year and I have carbon monoxide monitors in my house so I don't think it's that

DuckWaddle Mon 06-Feb-17 07:18:12

I had these symptoms before being diagnosed with coeliac. May be worth getting a blood test to check

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