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An I doing myself harm only eating one meal a day?

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HeyMacWey Sun 05-Feb-17 10:31:11

I have cfs/me and over the last few years my appetite has really dwindled.

Sometimes eating makes me nauseous depending on how fatigued I am. If I eat food during the day it makes my cfs symptoms flare up even more.

I'm now down to one main meal a day (healthy balanced) in the evening as this is when I start to feel more 'normal'.

Sometimes I might be able to manage something plain like oat cakes and a pear at about 4pm and then a dinner at about 6ish.

My question is, is this doing me any harm?
Should I force myself to eat more?
I'm not moving around that much due to the illness so I'm not losing weight or anything like that.

Is it just a case of listening to my body?

augustusglupe Sun 05-Feb-17 11:16:02

No, in my opinion, your eating!! So that's good. I tend to go through stages of not being particularly hungry in the day. Why don't you try just nibbling on a few oatcakes sometime in the morning and then maybe the fruit a little later. I think if you start to stimulate your appetite in small steps you'll probably find you soon want to eat more... I know I do wink good luck

HeyMacWey Sun 05-Feb-17 16:52:26

Thanks - yes that's a good idea.

I do force myself to eat earlier at the weekends when the dc's are around (mainly to set a good example). But it makes me feel terrible.

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