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post viral fatigue - what's normal?

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user1484226561 Sun 05-Feb-17 03:15:55

How long would you expect to take to recover fully from a really bad bout of flu? Does anyone have any experience?

Elvisrocks Sun 05-Feb-17 04:03:01

It took me 6-8 weeks last time before I really felt 100% again i.e. Wanted to exercise and drink alcohol.

lazydog Sun 05-Feb-17 04:18:40

Full on confirmed flu - which I've only had once - took me 3 or 4 months before I felt back to normal energy levels, even though the flu symptoms were no more than 10 days. I'm not sure if this was compounded by being anaemic before, during and after though, as I've been on/off anaemic for years and have to take iron daily just to maintain.

user1484226561 Sun 05-Feb-17 08:01:16

Thank you.
What helps?
How long did you take off work?

HeyMacWey Sun 05-Feb-17 10:35:15

Rest as much as you can whenever you can. Don't push yourself to do stuff.

I had post viral fatigue which then developed into me/cfs over three years ago. My life has never been the same.

Go to the doctors if you still feel that bone crushing fatigue after three months.

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