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Fell down the stiars last night now finding it hard to breathe...........

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Flumpybumpy Tue 27-Feb-07 08:42:25

I was carrying DS (5mths) down for his 10pm feed and slipped on the stiars I landed on by bum and back and kind of 'bounced' down the stairs. I was winded for a while. DS was fine although screaming his head off from the shock. I have a HUGE bruise on my bum that is agony to sit on and my it hurts when I brathe in. My back and ribs really hurt and my neck aches too. It hurts to breathe in too.

And to top it all DD (3.7) is coming down with chicken pox!!!!!

FB x

Tortington Tue 27-Feb-07 08:47:30

go to casualty. Please! it's an arseache <pardon the pun> but best to be safe than sorry.

Bucketsofdynomite Tue 27-Feb-07 08:47:41

Oweeee, that sounds painful.
Are there any strange noises when you breathe in? If not you're probably just bruised, battered, whiplashed and maybe some referred pain in there too. Probably what the average pro wrestler on Smackdown gets during a 'fight'.
Is there anyone you can call to come and play with the kids while you have a hot bath? Ibruprofen gel would help too.

Bucketsofdynomite Tue 27-Feb-07 08:48:59

Fogot to add: then go to a walk-in clinic when your dp gets home if you can.

suejonez Tue 27-Feb-07 08:50:15

sounds like you've either cracked a rib or sprain the intercostal muscle between the ribs (they feel very similar). You have my sympathy it is painful I did it a few years ago.

Flumpybumpy Tue 27-Feb-07 08:52:01

Unfortunatley I job-share so it is my day to look after my friends two DC's while she works. One is 11mths and the other is 5 (so won't need picking until school ends). I have tried to call DH but he is in a meeting and has his phone off. My friend has said she will leave work early if I really can't cope so I will see how I am doing later.

No strange noises just feels sore when I breathe in across the shoulder blades especially on the lift hand side. My bum is agony too so I ma sitting to one side trying to take the weight off.

FB x

LRWG Tue 27-Feb-07 08:52:03

Agree with custy - go to casualty. If you can't leave the DCs with anyone, tell them DD has chickenpox and they'll see you superfast to get her out of there

TheBlonde Tue 27-Feb-07 08:52:03

Go get checked out
DH broke his ribs in a motorbike accident and it took ages for the pain to go

Flumpybumpy Tue 27-Feb-07 08:53:20

LRWG, I did that when DD bumped her head, I was 3 days overdue with DS and started making labour noises so they saw me quicker

FB x

LRWG Tue 27-Feb-07 15:07:14

How are you feeling now FB? Did you see a doctor?

LRWG Tue 27-Feb-07 15:07:14

How are you feeling now FB? Did you see a doctor?

Flumpybumpy Wed 28-Feb-07 09:44:11

Hi, yes I have seen a doc and I am okay (apart from the HUGE bruise on my bum and back) I can breathe better but it still hurts. Nothing is broken I have just bruised/strined my ribs muscles which is why it hurts.

DH walked past me last night and obviously forgot about my bruise as he patted me on the bum, I nearly hit the ceiling

FB x

TheBlonde Wed 28-Feb-07 14:18:47

Get yourself some arnica tabs if you haven't already
Hope you feel better soon

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