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Feeling crap after really nasty cold.

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Janey50 Sat 04-Feb-17 19:40:29

I have had a really nasty cold,started on Friday last week (29th Jan) and hit me with a vengeance 2 days later on Sunday. Can honestly say it is the worst cold I have had in years,raised temperature,little appetite,staying in bed for nearly 2 days,which is unlike me. All my family have had it and all have felt awful. Anyway,I am over the worst,not sneezing or blowing my nose every 10 minutes,temperature normal and felt well enough to go out for a few hours this afternoon (nothing strenuous,just light shopping and coffee in Costa's). But having got home I feel,if not exactly ill,just not right. Bit breathless,ache all over and feel absolutely wiped out. I have got ongoing ailments (rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia) which probably don't help. But I've had these conditions for quite a few years and don't usually feel this crap recovering from a cold! Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a particularly vicious cold virus that is doing the rounds?

Nanasueathome Sat 04-Feb-17 19:42:01

There's a nasty virus been going around since early December
I caught it then and can honestly say that it is only this week that I have started to actually feel well again

Janey50 Sat 04-Feb-17 20:10:08

Oh blimey Nanasue! That doesn't sound very promising. So I can expect to start feeling normal again around late March/early April?!sad

llangennith Sat 04-Feb-17 20:12:00

I had it weeks ago and the cough is still with me. A lot of schoolchildren have been ill and off school for a week or more. It's a horrible virus.

SunsetBeetch Sat 04-Feb-17 20:20:14

I've had it and felt dreadful for two weeks. The cough hasn't been so bad for me but I was sneezing a lot and having to blow my nose every few minutes (I have rhinitis which hasn't helped). And now I've got my period!! So, so tired I could cry. I've started taking vitamin d and metatone tonic, out of desperation really.

Nothing to add but sympathy. You are not alone: 11 people out of 31 in my department at work have had to take sick leave because of it.

MetalLaLa Sat 04-Feb-17 20:25:01

I've had it this week and it's been horrendous, spent from Tuesday to this afternoon in bed being sick, coughing, shivers to feeling like I'm on fire, the works. I've been able to go out today which is nice but it's absolutely floored me. Sympathies to everyone who's also suffered!

bluebump Sat 04-Feb-17 20:29:19

I've had it too, worst cold in years and two weeks later I am better but still full of snot and still don't feel 100%.

llhj Sat 04-Feb-17 20:30:17

Are you sure it's not a flu virus?

lljkk Sat 04-Feb-17 20:31:00

I noticed lots of sniffles on the train, commuting to work the other morning.
I had a 3 week cold which finished 6 wks ago, (oh joy) and now a bad cold this week.
Headaches & nose running like a tap, ffs.
Interesting that the youngest kids seem immune, and the teens had it mildly, while DH & I got hammered. So obviously age-linked how severe it is for us.

Titsywoo Sat 04-Feb-17 20:42:49

Yeah I started feeling rubbish Thursday before the one just gone. Was in bed most of last weekend and felt really wiped out since. On Wednesday I started to get pain in my sinuses which now seems to have passed but since yesterday I have loads of mouth sores. So I'm feeling pretty pissed off at the moment.

Janey50 Sun 05-Feb-17 16:04:16

IIhj - yes I'm pretty sure it's not a 'flu virus as I had the been vaccination back in October. I have had 'flu a handful of times during my life,and I can honestly say I felt even worse than I have with this. I was literally bed-bound for about 4-5 days,housebound for another 4 or 5 days,and had a much higher temperature,more like 39.5 degrees Celsius as compared to this 37.5 for this recent one.

Olympiathequeen Mon 06-Feb-17 12:53:41

I've had the same horrible bug. 10 days of fever, in bed for 2 weeks, lost half a stone, coughing like crazy. On week 5 now and so tired still, can't be bothered with anything, no appetite, no sense of taste and probably still losing weight. I'm taking florodix hoping anaemia might be an issue and lots of other vitamins, but I've given up fighting it and will rest as much as I can and just wait to feel better in time.

Janey50 Mon 06-Feb-17 16:34:45

Thank you to everyone who's answered,and my sympathies to anyone who's suffering from this. Best wishes to you all to feel better soon.

whatisforteamum Mon 06-Feb-17 18:50:45

I had it all Xmas and lost two weeks pay.I didn't to out for days and lost weight.I think it was the flu as I had no energy and a dreadful sore have my sympathies.

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